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  1. Yup, it gets tiring. I get the feeling most of these guys don't realize how difficult winning in general is and all these jobs are. Like how quick would they crumble in real life when their little line-up fantasies and over the top reactions don't work like they think. It's like they seriously believe with some slight tinkering and obvious moves that Canucks will win every game. Of course it can't be that NHL hockey is hard they find it far more likely we've just hired highschool rejects for every management position including coaches. Maybe it's just an age thing. I know when I was younger life seemed so easy. It's not.
  2. These fans are crazy, lol. These guys will be the ones complaining about Green's tie choice at 9 AM the day after we win the cup claiming that almost lost it for us and he should be fired immediately.
  3. Back to enjoying hockey and a good game to start the year. I loved Garland's triple reverse dippsy doodle on the boards to get the penalty call. He's also super creative at getting crafty/tricky shots off when blanketed in the offensive zone. Very cool addition to the team. I'm looking forward to game 2.
  4. He's not our best forward, it's also game one, but carry on by all means. Try to conceive of a world where you don't know everything and you're not smarter than everyone. I know it's impossible. In my experience coaching is about winning games, not immediately rewarding people and assigning them new lines in real time. In my (I know moronic) opinion I thought Hoglander generated a lot of chances by himself and played well, however that doesn't mean you immediately have to mix up the lines. I see two theories that work. Play the hot hand and move them up the line-up or don't mess with what is working and keep all lines strong. Either can work, it's a judgement call. Hoglander is not McDavid and that wasn't the performance of a lifetime you're making it out to be. Also, playing a good game doesn't mean you'll score automatically in a shootout either. And yes, limiting players minutes is not new to hockey. Green isn't the only idiot coach who does that.
  5. I guess my 40 years of watching NHL coaches spread out the offence on different lines means they are all morons too? Okay I concede you know more than everyone and deserve to be an NHL coach. I don't want to insult a hockey genius but this isn't where you submit your resume. Maybe try Indeed or something. It'll be a shame to lose you here though, you will be sorely missed. Good luck ... I'm already jealous of your Stanley Cup ring.
  6. Maybe it's one's I don't have, namely calling out people about things I know nothing about. Obviously you just proved you're a yapbox talking out of your arse. Only a fool pretends he knows more than everyone else and you have that in spades.
  7. When you see completely absurd comments like these it's easy to understand why you see a lot of these brainless post bashings. No wonder people are abusive to management, they don't even understand the basics properly. This guy is confusing a good trait and positive comments as negative. No doubt their logic comes out all garbled.
  8. You shouldn't call yourself names. You know nothing about hockey and you're extremely petty in your constant criticism of things you know little about, but that's a little harsh. This whole post is a headscratcher ... only a mor ..... oh wait forget about it.
  9. In all fairness these posters are experts at the top of their fields. Yeah, Edler always processed the game way to slow. Shot when he had time and always held onto it when a simple shot through traffic was the way to go. It's definitely an elite skill Eddie never did posses.
  10. It's like telling someone they have a 50% of killing themselves by doing something and they do it again because it didn't kill them last time. There are some levels of stupid you just can't fix. Religion is just an ideal people hide behind to justify their own belief that they are more important and valuable than the people they stand beside. That is sickening if anything is.
  11. How is ensuring people are healthy, and safe, sick and wrong? Wow you got problems dude! Are you one of those little weenies afraid of the government? If people want to be self entitled pricks they don't deserve a job. Go live off the land where you aren't killing the rest of our chances, where you're not affecting others, if you don't want to keep everyone safe. So twisted. And yeah, if the vaccine did save you from death it is the definition of 'end all be all'.
  12. OEL looks awesome. Finally a defenceman that understands how to be dangerous on the point and what kind of shots to take. That Garland sure is a tricky good skater offensive player. Pearson, Dowling, and Hoglander played very strong games. We also were night and day better in our own end. Getting the puck out quickly, a concept last year's dumb dumbs couldn't quite understand.
  13. Thank Gawd. So tired of seeing this guy associated with the Canucks. So tired of team toughness and being able to fight comments. Who on earth cares if he can't play hockey? Typical Flyer ... have fun wasting a roster spot.
  14. So as a doctor you know that he didn't have a physical, or bloodwork, and that long haul Covid is easily identifiable through a blood test?. Ok, good to know so you can throw more attacks at the team. Carry on Freddie, as always you're a vast fountain of knowledge.
  15. Yeah interested to see what Lammikko brings. Just checked the Sutter news, doesn't sound great. Isn't that what Toews had? Even before but more so now I think Highmore is a guy who sticks around for depth unless we bring in another guy.
  16. Why thanks for the update doc. Really glad you're on the staff.
  17. Yahhhhhh, his lack of hockey IQ always makes me
  18. Nice, always played great when I watched him play. Hoped we might be able to land him and here we are.
  19. Absolutely, it would be great to get him back on the junior nucks.
  20. Gadjovich Gadjovich Gadjovich Maybe he'll turn into Neely, Betuzzi, or a pumpkin ... worth a shot
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