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  1. I don't think he would garner much of a return, 6th or 7th round if someone believed he wouldn't flake out again.
  2. I've always liked Hainsay a lot. Just seems to bring it in any situation. Would be a heck of a locker room prescence as well.
  3. I'm starving ladies and gentlemen, for a cup o cheese and I think I still be starving could I have a Cup please ..... ?
  4. You would think winning a Cup would be pretty important to him. At 67 he doesn't have many years left.
  5. Yeah, people always say Tanev has a great first pass but I don't see that. I see a guy that gets rid of the puck quick but his where and lead to us chasing around in our zone for prolonged periods way to often.
  6. Well yeah, I'm pretty sure which wing you're on matters. I don't put my right shoe on my left foot.
  7. Well you don't even know Boeser is RW so if I was you I wouldn't put to much faith in your opinion.
  8. Well said both you and @Dixon Ward It just goes to show how many adolescent suck holes we have on this site who don't understand jack squat.
  9. Does he really bring any baggage besides a backstabbing, catty, girlfriend? I mean that's par for the course in my life. The guy can still play hockey and score goals.
  10. We could have signed 23 18 year olds at the same time who never played hockey before. We'd have 81.5 mil in cap space. JB is a rube
  11. Well it's not hard to predict something will happen or it won't happen. That's why lots of people now question his integrity. He screwed with Edler and he screwed with Canuck fans spitting out untruths all in the name of a tweet. So no, I don't trust him anymore.
  12. Ah cool, thanks for the response. To be honest I never knew he made that much. big turn off for me. i remember the signing now but I had him as a $3-$4 mil player. So yeah, point taken and i agree. I guess balling was pretty strong. I just hope we can plug in a player that meshes with Petey, Hughes, and the gang. Sometimes, the most random player can work in a situation and he certainly seems to do the job in Vegas. It seems possible we are the one right RD away from becoming a serious team in my humble opinion, thus my high hopes. While I understand your contempt regarding the drug issue, as an athlete I've known people who skirt the line all kinds of ways, some honest, some misguided. It really is a fine line in my opinion. I really do know some kids get roped into it and some are just downright stupid, but I agree if yo're a constant cheater you are scum. I do believe mistakes happen though, and good people make them. Thanks again for the response. Have a good night.
  13. But good hockey players don't ever take a moderate salary to gain a big salary in the future. You never turn down for $36 mil for $2 mil. What if you get hurt?
  14. Wow, now you have my mind going. They get a good kid back for two guys they're going to lose anyway. Unfortunately, I think the Canucks could also target a D and one of those players, the price could be Hoglander, or hopefully Lind though. That would really make our team that much better even though it would be a fairly high price, and help out East Coast Tampa.
  15. Why would PED's matter? It's not like he's allowed to use them now or something. Unless you're saying once a drug user always a drug user, which I don't agree with, especially this kind. I would think there is pretty high incentive to not put your million dollar job on the line after that. Also, apparently lot's of players use them, however it doesn't mean Schmidt used them after getting caught. Or, maybe you just refuse to want a player that's made a mistake in his life on your team. I guess he could possibly die and then we'd lose an asset. Just spit-balling here and curious for an answer because I'd be willing to overlook any of those things if the Canucks suddenly had a balling right defence. I do agree attitude wise, we don't need dirtballs in the locker room ... or do we?
  16. Then you realize if you leave early you don't have to clean up the mess.
  17. We could but made a smart decision and moved on. You can't just keep every player because you like them and they're nice guys. We should definitely be able to upgrade in this marketplace. I for one am glad we've moved on from Tanev and Stecher as we can attempt to move forward. Not guaranteeing we will improve but sitting pat with that crappy d was not the way to go in my opinion.