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  1. Gold truth, he trades his 2nd rounds like it is nothing, such a weird thing. he even trades first rounds. WTF.
  2. If I was the owner I would really ban Benning to sign FA, I would actually write it in his contract and make him sign it.
  3. They are having a good season this year after all those painful years. Knicks are exciting this year and have a good GM and coach but Dolan will mess it up as all selfish owners do. give it time. Total mismanagement of such a big brand for years.
  4. GM did support his players and got fired, players should absolutely support their GM. if it is all related to Wilson,rangers players should boycott. P.S Dolan is one horrible owner.
  5. I am a fan of Benning, though he has made some mistakes, but do you think he will last if next season is similar to this season? he should just be honest and tell it straight to the fans beforehand IMO, NO FA SIGNING for a future lost season. what about the draft? and will Benning splash again in the free-agency and ruin his own plan? he will be honest about his plans? stay on the course? maybe tank a bit to better drafting? who will be the coach?
  6. But why? what about Babcock? He benches Juolevi and plays vets.
  7. Fantastic format you used for the plan. clean and precise.
  8. He has good record with panthers and knights, hockey people seem to like him, he did not last more than 2 seasons? sure, but usually coaches do not last until you hit a jackpot,statistically a coach usually do not work until it works like in Tampa or Nashville, even with caps people were calling trotz to be fired until his last season that he redeemed himself. I do not think the path forward is keeping Green, he does not bring up the prospects that well. Not Gallant? OK, but someone with experience.
  9. Why keeping Green? Why not hire an experienced coach like Gallant? been a while nucks had an experienced coach.
  10. Let`s forget about this passing horrible season and talk about next VITAL preseason, forget Benning a bit and talk about future, what would you do in this upcoming preseason, what would be your plan? who you would draft who you would trade, who you would sign etc? and most important thing, WHO WOULD BE THE COACH for next season? what would be your line-up and ... and explain why. Let`s talk about building not destroying.
  11. BTW even not liking the trade right now, Welcome Highmore, Go canucks.
  12. Benning is not helping himself, Whole team was having a down year including Gaudette,maybe fans do overvalue their players but he has upside and he produced, and Virtanen still around. Replace Green or be replaced.
  13. Another question , in the current core`s prime what our lineup would look like? Core Players : EP , Bo, Brock, Hughes, Demko, Podz, Miller , Hog , Juolevi? Brock - EP - Miller Podz - Bo - Hoglander ? - Gaudette - ? ? - ? - ? Hughes - Schmitt Juelevi - ? Myers - Woo?(Rathbone?) Demko Dipietro Coach: Gallant ?
  14. He has done a good job but has done horrible mistakes also which he should be criticized for : Eriksson contract and his handling of free agency has been a problem. Hope he has learned his lesson. If I could ban one thing for the team that would be FA signings, they are often bite you back in the end. just draft and develop,adjust the team with trades.
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