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  1. 1) Friedman is a troll. 2) The Canucks brought in Miller and Schmidt to have an expected push in 2022-2023 when both players will still have relatively low cap hits.
  2. Good point about his cap hit as I wasn’t aware of what it was. I wasn’t slotting RNH to be definitively on our 3rd line per se, but was rather highlighting the fact that the Canucks would have three legit lines that would be able to score. You could have Pearson and Horvat on that 3rd line in a more traditional match ups/shut down role with RNH playing with Hoglander or whoever. My ultimate point is this however, and it’s not specifically related to RNH: By biting the bullet and getting rid of Eriksson’s 6 million dollars of our cap by the start of this summer, the Canucks co
  3. That’s not what I was saying. I was simply illuminating the other side. Yes - on the hand, you sacrifice a lottery pick or a very good prospect in Rathbone. On the other hand, you clear 6 million in cap, comfortably re-sign Petey and Hughes, AND possibly bring in a high quality UFA.....maybe an RNH for example. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Podkolzin Pearson-RNH-Virtanen As your top 3. Or some other UFA that we bring in with that money. im not saying that we SHOULD trade a 1st or Rathbone to get rid of one more year of Eriksson.
  4. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-RNH-Podkolzin Pearson-Horvat-Virtanen Motte-Highmore-MacEwen (or whoever) The opportunity cost being that we sacrifice our 1st in order to move Eriksson. I like your idea a lot and your post is exactly why I created this thread. Yes - ditching someone like Rathbone or a 1st to move Eriksson early would be suck, but that forward group from above would definitely make us competitive.
  5. [proposal] Assessing the pros and cons of using Rathbone or a 1st as a sweetener to move Eriksson in the off season Just for the record, I doubt that Benning will explore this option as he seems pretty committed to keeping his farm and prospect pool in tact (which is why I suspect he didn’t go this route this past summer and commit to Toffoli). On the flip side, clearing Eriksson’s salary would allow the Canucks to not only comfortably re-sign Petey and Hughes, but would also give us the chance of going after another quality UFA. So, instead of waiting until the 2022-2
  6. I was around to see Joe hit the homer as I was 12 years old at the time. Maybe it was just my experience, but when I lived in Toronto from 2013-2015, the impression that I got over there was that Gilmour and Clark were the “gods” over there. While people had fond memories of Carter, Alomar, White, etc., they just weren’t on Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark’s level......which I found really odd. Carter and Alomar would be bigger than Hank, Dan, and Bure had the Jays been a Vancouver based team in my opinion. I also believe that the Toronto Sports Network and Rogers would
  7. Pearson might be in decline, but he's by no means a washed up 4th line calibre player. Pearson still plays a strong two way game and should be able to produce offensively on a 3rd line capacity IF he has a decent center. Aside from bolstering our 3rd line, Pearson should still be able to fill in on the top 6 for a finite amount of time incase of injuries. Pearson-[NEWCENTER]-Virtanen has the potential to be a pretty solid 3rd line in my opinion, but I do believe that an upgrade over Gaudette, Boyd, and Sutter will be required here.
  8. Oh definitely! (With regards to a Stanley Cup win). Vancouver and Toronto would be absolutely similar in this regard if any one of these cities won a cup (ie the players and personnel of these cities becoming the biggest legends of the cities). That’s not up for debate at all. What I think is debatable however, is the following: Toronto = non champion hockey players > champion baseball and basketball players. Vancouver = champion baseball and basketball players > non champion hockey players. Vancouver would embrace their non hockey cham
  9. @Provost, I like your idea. I know what I’m about to say is not quite what you had in mind, but I’m wondering if we could swing a deal for Hampus Lindholm? He makes about 5.2 million and would easily be able to fill Edler’s shoes in terms of being that all situations dman that can log big minutes. We trade for him, and the work on extending him beyond the 2022-2023 season when he’d become a UFA. Anaheim does this because they get young assets for Lindholm and don’t run the risk of losing him for nothing.
  10. He’s a god in TO but he’s not held in the same regard as Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark over there. Atleast from I see/saw. In Vancouver however, I think Carter would easily be our most revered hero if Carter had hit that homer for a Vancouver MLB team.
  11. All/most of these “albatross” contracts will be off the books before October 2022 which has been management’s plan for quite some time now (ie once they realized that Pettersson was the real deal).
  12. Would Vancouverites and Torontonians reacted the same way? (Two situations) 1) Both the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors have won championships and yet the Leafs are the most revered team in Toronto. Guys like Kahwi Leonard, Roberto Alomar, and Joe Carter aren’t as revered as Doug Gilmour and Wendel Clark. If the situation was reversed however (I.e. Vancouver had an MLB and NBA team that won a world championship), do you think those teams and those players would be held in higher regard than the Sedins, Bure, Linden, etc? By virtue of having won a championship in a maj
  13. 1) So you don't consider Burke's work prior to Gillis' arrival to have any significance to 2008-2013 whatsoever? 2) In what way is Toronto "killing it" with Gilman as part of their management group? Toronto still hasn't won a playoff series since 2004 (although that will likely change this season), and they're still too up front heavy as far as their cap goes to have the necessary depth needed to be a true cup contender. What happens to the Leafs' blue line when Morgan Rielly becomes a UFA after next season? Will the Leafs even be able to afford Fredrick A
  14. Allowing both Boeser and Hughes to burn a year off their ELC’s so that they could be cost controlled RFA assets for a longer period of time was an example of creativity. For example, we signed Boeser to a three year deal post ELC and he will still be an RFA afterwards. Hughes will have the same deal.
  15. Cheer for the Canucks and Flames to keep winning as we are ahead of the Flames now.
  16. Believe it or not, the Canucks are still within playoff contention (albeit, barely). Habs have been struggling lately and received a golden shower from the Winnipeg Jets earlier tonight. It’s still possible for the Nucks to make the playoffs.
  17. I like this above line-up a lot actually, but I think the Canucks would need an upgrade on the 3rd line C spot in order to maximize Pearson and Hoglander. Maybe put Gaudette on the top line on RW (yes, I’m crazy), and then bring in/trade for a good 3rd line C instead of investing in Gusev?
  18. 1) I’d go with Benn over Hamonic since Benn will be cheaper. 2) I don’t see Edler being back. He’ll get a decent contract somewhere else.....maybe Calgary. :-p. Tryamkin will be his replacement. 3) I don’t think buying out Loui Eriksson will save us much in cap space. The Canucks would be much better off packaging him off with a sweetener for cap space. Maybe Eriksson and a 1st or Rathbone to Seattle in the Expansion draft gets it done. Yes, losing a first or Rathbone would be a very tough pill to swallow, but the resulting cap space that this would create could allow us
  19. Gaudette and Motte for a 3rd line C is definitely an interesting thought. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Podkolzin Pearson-[GaudetteMotteReturn]-Virtanen Vesey-[LindOrBoyd]-MacEwen Hughes-Schmidt Tryamkin-Myers Juolevi-Benn Demko Holtby
  20. I like your thoughts but I think the Canucks will be better served using Miller as a winger, playing with Petey or Bo, instead of trying to manufacture depth by deploying Miller as a center. I realize that the Canucks went on a bit of a tear with Miller at center (before the Covid outbreak), but I still think we sacrifice too much on the top end by keeping Miller away from Petey and/or Bo.
  21. [proposal] With the Pearson signing, would trading Motte+ for a decent 3rd line center make sense? Please don't get me wrong here folks. I love Tyler Motte. He's almost everything that a 4th line player should be in terms of his hustle, speed, work ethic, etc. Playing Devil's advocate here for a second, let's be realistic about Tyler Motte's upside as far as offensive potential goes. This guy probably isn't the next Alex Burrows. As good of a worker as Tyler Motte is, he likely "is what he is" at th
  22. 1) I don’t think Hamonic or Vesey will be back. Vesey will only be back if the Canucks move Motte at the deadline. 2) I think Beagle is done 3) Tryamkin will replace Edler 4) Benn will be back 5) Eriksson won’t be bought out. If the Canucks really want Eriksson gone, they’ll use a sweetener to move him. With one year and on,y 2 million in real money owed, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
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