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  1. We will win the draft lottery. The fix is in lol and is the reason Benning and Aqua had no issues with the crap schedule after Covid. I kid of course but we deserve it as fans for what we have been through this season.
  2. Price was the only reason they did anything in the bubble, that and the Pens played like crap. The Habs are terrible and just like last season would never have sniffed the playoffs. The Leafs will beat them easily, the Habs aren't in the same level as the Bruins and Caps that the leafs took two seven games. Regardless tho, if Smith Holds up, I see nobody stopping #97 and the Oilers in the North.
  3. I'm a big Edler fan but his play has really dropped off after 3 really good seasons. Even if Edler is brought back I think we see Rathbone, or Joulevi with Nate next season. Elder should be a 6-7 next season if the young kids show well in camp. If he's fine with being a #7 and paid like one that would be a good fit for him I think. No dcore ever makes it unscathed so having a guy like Eagle available is a good option.
  4. Maybe he's not 100% I think we see him full time next season but he's going to need to work on his conditioning.
  5. I could be wrong but Hoglander was out right before the goalie was pulled and the puck was iced 2 or 3 times. They panned to the bench just before the last icing and both Hogs and Brock were standing up waiting for a change.
  6. When has less wins equaled a better draft pick for us? Expecting to be rewarded for losing fails most of the time and would have cost us Petey and possibly Quinn.
  7. I used to hate those unis but the one above especially are growing on me. The colours make more sense and the logo looks sharp.
  8. Well there are a ton of GMs there and considering the circumstances of the draft this year does it not make sense to have someone as good at scouting to be there considering we may end up with a very high pick? I mean what was so pressing that should have kept him here? The fact our media spins this as another Benning blunder shows how stupid and douche these guys are, with Drance being the head Dbag.
  9. The guy sucks. The hype around him and his 15 points in the KHL after being stripped of his captaincy speaks louder than the bloated and imagined skills of a guy who lets face it is a complete dick who refused to put the work in. Much prefer Joulevi and Rathbone on the left side.
  10. Man these TT takes are getting absurd. Let's look at things rationally. TT was traded for with the expectation the cap was going by 5-8 million so right there anything that happened after is kind of moot. But let's say we signed him, before this season he had one season with 30 goals, his average is around 23, this season is a complete one off and going forward we have younger better options for the top six. As for all the bottom six signed or claimed they won't be back next season and have no impact on the teams structure going forward. Rooster gets crapped on but odd how
  11. Well Duh. There's a reason our fanbase is the laughing stock of the league. We have a very large group of fairweather fans who make hockey forums a landmine of shi* on most nights. Sadly when times are good they hop on and make the test of us look bad. Take the riots for example..
  12. AG was tried on the wing and in the top six. I just think with who we have coming up AG would have ended up stuck behind even more young kids. I said it last year that AG is a top six or bust. Just don't see him becoming one especially on a playoff team. 3 or 4 good games with the Hawks doesn't change my mind.
  13. You do remember the playoffs last season right? Putting any stock in this season especially after March is pointless. I'll judge them next year and beyond.
  14. Listen I am a fan of AG but let's be real here. He was never going to be the 3C here and he's not better than Petey or Horvat. I hope he does well with the Hawks but it doesn't change he wasn't going to be part of the future here. Both players are long shots to stick in the league.
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