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  1. Not to worried about JT. The whole line seems way off but good players still find a way to contribute and he's doing that. He seems very demanding off himself and that to me is great but he needs to let the game come to him and not press so much.
  2. Pretty obvious to me he is the cornerstone of this team and I'm a big EP40 fan. The kid misses most of camp and plays 27 mins a night showing barely any rust. I think he gets 75+ points and is a plus player, kid is on another level this season and seems to have his partner going forward.
  3. I don't think that's really the case at all. The only game they were somewhat decent was against the leafs. They had scored 5 goals and allowed 19 in 5 games with with only 2 forwards with goals. They had 1 pp goal and were 50% on the pk and their goalie had an 850 save% There was literally not one aspect of their game They had played well at. In the 4 games I had watched those putrid numbers were actually flattering and if they had played better teams things might have even looked worse. That's my take anyway.
  4. Gotta admit the the vertical and upside down gardens are pretty unique.
  5. Today as they say wasn't a masterpiece but you are exactly right. Thought they were fine in the first and were doing a good job until the last 2 minutes getting the puck out, the 2nd and half of the 3rd it was pretty frigging obvious they were tired, 6 games across the 3 time zones to start the season can't blame them, thats a long grind to start the season. What really impressed me was once they tied it they kept grinding and after they took the lead they shut it down. Feels good to see all of our top 4 even or plus players, not that it's super important but it gets used a lot to crap on Quinn so seeing him leading the team in TOI and being a plus 1 compared to minus 10 that he was after six games last season while still being the catalyst offensively is a great sign. I think the best thing for Petey is to keep the lotto line together, both him and Brock are still behind game shape wise but we know they have good chemistry and with two days of practice before the home opener I think they will have their timing . Thought the 3rd line looked good for the 2nd straight game which makes it hard to get podz back in anything but the 4th line and I know they want Dowling and Lamiko? For killing penalties and Chiasson on both pk and pp but that line wasn't all that great and Podz has shown he's quite capable in a shutdown role. Does anyone know if he's been on the property at all here? If memory serves he was in the KHL and WJC Finally what a great game for Demko, his 1st season I always got nervous on point shots but he has really improved on that and when he's on the only goals that seem to beat him are pucks that go in or tipped by a defender That goal by Dunn was one that most goalies aren't stopping. His side to side and his ability to track his rebounds is beautiful to watch. It is also uncanny how he so often makes the big save. Sorry to ramble guys I know I'm not sharing a secret but the guy just blows me away.
  6. He me even play his way onto team USA, Helly hasn't been great but I imagine he's their guy but demko at least should be in the running for backup with Binner?
  7. Pretty crappy since they charge so much to get all the channels in a cable package.
  8. You are not alone. I kind even stream on my computer due to lag, much better on my phone with the only difference being an app on my phone. Usually I just watch it on TV but waiting for a new one, feel bad for whoever pays just stream if others are having issues as well
  9. Big fan of AM, my point was simply if your going to use Petey having a rough start as proof AM is better then him than using AMs horrible start is only fair. Peteys first 2 seasons and playoffs were not that far off of AM, last season AM was better but not exactly fair since Petey miss 30+ games and was on a role. People get far to worked up over small sample sizes, apart from 8 games last season Petey has been basically a ppg. It is obvious that he is a step behind and not playing since February and missing most of camp will do that. Thankfully we don't rely on him as much as the leafs rely on AM.
  10. AM zero points in 3 games had two giveaways leading directly to goals yesterday and his team just got humiliated and he was again sh*t. Not a strong argument especially since Petey has been meh but AM has been really FN awful.
  11. So your opinion is the current iteration is the best and for those of us that prefer the 90s one and we just want what we can't have basically? So your choice is fine because it's the right choice but the ones that don't line up with you are equalivent to a 3 year old having a temper tantrum over a cookie? How very condensing of you. People who like the flying skate like it for lots of reasons not because the grass is greener, sure for some fans that jersey reminds them of a team that was all heart and played above their weight class but many grew up without it and just like the way it looks.
  12. He has been bad, like really bad. He's getting exposed without Toews and with Nate sucking he's not get those 5 foot assists that gets him so many points. Watched almost all Avs games since last season and said things along those lines but would get called out. Quinn doesn't get points because of other players, they get points from him. Seems a lot more aware of his defensive duties so far as well. On his usual point pace while being even. Plus minus.imagine when the forwards start playing better and giving him some easy points, kid could very well be ppg while being much improved goal diffetential.
  13. 100% the sheep are the ones who FLOCK (lol) to HF and Twitter crapping on everything about the team so they can get likes and feel important when they get quoted good or bad. These people aren't real fans and not because they are negative its because they actively cheer for the team and players to not do well so they use that as proof they are right. They also constantly move goalposts and jump on fake news and spread it knowing it's bs. Look at the Ian Clark situation, it was reported he was 100% not coming back, Benning said that wasn't true, two weeks later he's signed. Or how TG screws up development of the young kids even tho at least 1 rookie has taken a spot every year since 2016-17 and by having Hoglander on the third line was akin to killing puppies. Ironically the two games he played on that line we've won both. I dunno man, being a fan is supposed to be about getting enjoyment and a sense of community, what's the point of watching something that only brings joy through failure?
  14. Watched ever game of Cales last year. He is very dependent on Nate. This is a nucks board and nothing wrong with pointing out flaws when that's all any fanbase does with Quinn and love shoving Cale in our faces. Lighten up not like this is an Avs board
  15. People mock Barrie for easy points and that's fair but nobody does that with Cale when after watching and looking at numbers, it's very obvious who makes who better and that's fine but the hype around Cale and all the crap about Hughes it's nice to see Cale getting just walked and exposed. Quinn most definitely drives this club and he looks much stronger in his zone and is getting points without cheating on defense Gotta throw some love at Myers, he is undeserving of the flak he takes but has been real solid so far.
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