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  1. He is a massive upgrade on Chatfield so it's a win already. I know he is mostly depth and it was a small sample size but him and Quinn seemed to have chemistry, I assume OEL-Nate will be the pairing doing the heavy lifting and anyone paired with Quinn just needs to cover Quinn when he pinches so I guess the question would be can Luke physically handle 20 minutes a night? Normally I would say no but with Quinn as your partner how often would Luke be the one pushing the play and exerting himself? They could also rotate other guys with Quinn to keep Lukes minutes down. I do wonder if OE
  2. I don't think Nate will be traded, I don't think he was ever being shopped. We already need a top 4\5 RHD and unless we move Nate for one finding an upgrade on him via UFA isn't really an option with what's out there.
  3. I don't think he even gets dealt. The interview where this rumour started didn't even say they trying to move him, only they were getting more calls on him than other guys, the ironic thing and one that proves how little our media is aware of is while they were twisting Benning's words around he was making the biggest trade so far this summer and the media here new nothing about it.
  4. The top 9 played out the best possible way for us. Ironically I thought the pick would end up being Kent, after watching as many clips of Garland I could find I realized they are very similar offensively, same puck skills both very smart but where Kent is a bit of a puck hog Garland is a playmaking stud who plays very similar to Marchand. I fully admit I was a sceptic and thought the gushing the Yotes fans were doing was just homer talk. Small guys need to have that edge to survive, like Hoglander he has it in spades.
  5. Have you checked out Garlands highlight video? The guys puck and playmaking skills are off the charts, Horvat finally has his playmaking winger. Our top 9 is looking deadly. A third line with 3 very good defensive players that should be able to put up points. I do think having hogs on the 3rd line would really open things up and Pearson is a guy who loves to play around the net and Garland is crazy good from behind the net, between Prarson and Horvat I could see a lot of slot goals, tap-ins and greasy goals while shutting down lines. That third line of Podz Hogs and Di
  6. He had 40 in 50 this season, playing with our group he could end up being another JT. Someone you know is good but don't realize how good until their situation improves. This guy is a better version of Hoglander at this moment and our entire fanbase is unanimously agreed on our love for him. Everyone worried about the cap 4 years from now needs to focus on the now, even overpaid OEL especially if he gets back to his previous level which for me will happen since the only reason at 30 to struggle compared to when you are 28 is injuries, loss of speed or it's mental. Without knowing for sur
  7. Plus the 9th wasn't used as a dump, Garland is a legit 1b winger, based on who was left I like this deal even more now. I really wanted Ecklund, Edvinsson, Kent, Hughes or Mctavish, so them being gone softened the blow
  8. I mean I do find it quite baffling but not surprising the anti-Benning crowd would react this way led by their leader Blake Price. We have seen firsthand what a change of scenery can do, JT, Toffoli, are two of our own examples. The fact we improved without a buyout or losing picks is already a big win. If he wants he can still create an additional 13 million in cap to further add.
  9. For me given all that surrounded that franchise skewed his game. When your young playing on a crappy team is fine as long as you personally up your value. A guy like OEL who had a mutual diststian of contempt with Tochett, playing for a franchise that is more concerned with money then winning, a guy with nothing to play for isn't going to be at his best. hes young, relatively healthy and is now playing for a team he actively wanted to come to and is hell bent on winning. I really don't thinks it's a stretch to say we see a better OEL.
  10. Plus lots more could happen I hope we keep Nate but with him and Holtby and Jake that's still almost 13 million in cap space. Benning Haters love saying how dumb he is but the upside and domino effect seems pretty smart to me. The situation Benning is in is simple, win. That is the mantra, he wins or he's fired. Most of assumed that in order to add a top pairing D a very good 3c and a more farther along, better right now Hoglander, it would take several buyouts cap dump trades, our 1st(s) Nate, etc etc. Instead in one trade when all is said and done walks
  11. The haters are the trolls. Look at what was said by them after the press conference. If people actually had listened to the interview Benning clearly stated that he wasn't shopping Nate but instead team's were calling him, he said like other players if a move helps the club then a trade could happen. You've been a fan since the 80s so you should know what Benning inherited plus you know owners mandated playoffs while the twins were still here. If you look at what Benning has done since they retired and he was given full reign he's made mostly positive moves. Their is nothin
  12. Parayko hasn't been good the last couple of seasons, even before his back issues, that's a huge overpayment. We've all seen what happened with Edler when he was hurt.
  13. There was a good article in the Athletic that talked about it. When they started hearing chatter that Benning was in on multiple players they poked around and concluded he has several possible deals in his back pocket that don't involve buyouts. Seeing Ladd getting moved for 2 seconds for 2 years at 7 million has given me hope LE is moved for a 2nd if needed.
  14. I think a 2nd gets LE gone. Ladd cost a pair of 2nds but has 2 years left. I never saw our cap situation as dire considering the last 2 seasons, Benning has never used picks to dump salary and even with the flat cap costing TT he still added as much to the cap as what left and still managed to at the very least improve the team on paper, he did do well long-term by not This summer we had 19 million in cap, with 3 moves that are all realistic trade Nate, trade\buyout Holtby, terminate or buyout Virtanen opens almost 13 million plus whatever's left after the RFAs get signed. Plus if neither L
  15. If we land Larsson do we still re-sign Hamonic and move Nate? An article in the Athletic talked about the feeling out there is Benning has a few moves in his back pocket to clear some cap.
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