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  1. Yet if this rally was in support of say BLM most people would be ok with that. There are numerous studies Proving masks don't help all that much. The only people who have a right to judge are the people who have ceased to go outside therefore guaranteeing they aren't putting anyone at risk. If you choose to wear a mask everywhere great if that makes you feel safe. So if you believe they work why would you care if someone else thinks differently since your protected from said person due to you wearing a mask? I just find it odd that pro-mask people say the mask works but then turnaround and say, anti-mask people are putting others at risk but if the mask works why would it matter? Wouldn't the only people at risk be other non-mask wearers? Frankly at this point it seems the decision-makers are just throwing crap against the wall hoping something sticks. In the grand scheme of things wearing the mask isn't a big deal but imagine if we had a pandemic that killed at a higher rate then something comparable to a bad flu season. Playing fast and loose with rights that are guaranteed and wars were fought over is a slippery slope.
  2. What's funny is the comment section of that article. Almost all of the comments were in defense of Podz and crapping on the writer.
  3. I remember back in the 80s my Dad would take me to quite a few games especially when the Habs or Jets were in town. Do you guys remember how after the game they used to let kids gather near the dressing room and wait for sticks? I ended up with a Striko, Sundstrom and my hero King Richards. But hands down going to a New Westminster Bruins game was the best. Everyone was drunk and rowdy, the games were extremely violent and seemed to be real hatred between teams. It was like that everywhere it seemed. On a road trip to the Peg, we watched games along the way and during a game between Moose Jaw and Swift current a brawl broke out between the teams and then in the stands between rival fans. 80s-90s great time to be a kid.
  4. I'm getting a podz (that spelling) on mine, partly due to heritage, partly to match the Orca on the front lol. But for sure gonna get him (proper spelling) love this uni. Wonder if he goes #19-#92 or the other number I saw him wearing? Can't remember what it was.
  5. That's a bad comparison. They turned a Buffalo into a slug, not a big fan of the orca but only because it's not the flying skate. Even tho I'm not a fan the the Orca, the transient pod that spends a lot of time here, has evolved to consuming Salmon as it's staple, which is completely unique to this pod. The Orca is an important animal in Haida culture and they are the biggest group on the west coast and I like their art influences the logo. I do think most of us prefer the 89-96 colours, maybe an orca or SIR logo with those colours would bring unity?
  6. Our prospect pool was tops in 2018 pretty much unanimously now it hovers between 5-9. Considering all the kids that have graduated, that's pretty impressive. We've been spoiled lately but we still have 3 or 4 blue-chippers and elite talent everywhere but centre.
  7. He was on the 3rd pairing on the best team in hockey. Not saying he isn't a good player but his situation is much different to Quinn. Quinn as a rookie is already considered by many as a top 15 dman who showed in the playoffs (when healthy) he not only could handle top line minutes and matchups but thrived at it. The fact all 3 teams play a physical style made it even more impressive.
  8. Basically the same deal as Mcavoy and Werenski who both signed pre-covid and play much harder roles and are arguably both better.
  9. Would you say his game and upside is an LHD version of former teammate Adam Fox? I'm terrible at comparisons but that's who he kind of reminds me of? I think Fox surprised people with his defensive play and Rathbone will as well.
  10. Actually they do. It's negated if the there is a back and forth after the secondary pass between the primary and goal scorer. The original tweet felt that didn't happen and he would get credit, tho maybe since it went in off a rebound maybe they don't count those types of goals? Either way it's a dumb rule IMO.
  11. I don't a huge difference in his development compared to other kids in his age group. The only issue I have is them not giving him PP time. Other then that his usage is on par IMO. Also, being humbled at 19 is a great test of ones maturity and work ethic. The kid has not once complained and goes out and competes every shift. I have never been more intrigued with a prospect and that includes our young studs. I'm not saying he will be better than Petey or Quinn but just the fact that even tho he has six points the vast majority of Nuck fans (surprisingly) see the true value he will bring, he's a perfect example of why stat watching is useless.
  12. I am hoping this times different but after they properly diagnosed him I was optimistic since we've seen how Crosby finally got healthy once properly diagnosed. But after months of good news to see him last one game against the Wild has me skeptical he will ever play. It's to bad because he's a hell of a player with a skill-set this team needs. A top six or a top nine with him, Podz and Hogs, would be a pain in the ass to play against. I believe he will be on LTI regardless to start, every scenario would require a stint in Utica and not just a few exhibition games. If he is able to handle the speed of the AHL it's at least a start but the NHL is a different beast. Since the AHL is at least a month behind, his cap to start will be available, allowing Benning time to explore other options.