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  1. really enjoyed watching this team play tonight....wtg boys....looking forward to next game ...woohooo
  2. Reading all those names just brought back great memories of that year's run to the SC....ping
  3. OMG they take a commercial right when our pick comes up............c r a p p y coverage, imo
  4. Was shocked to hear this news!! taken from this earth way too soon Condolences to his family & friends
  5. I cried a little, well 2 drops....all the NHL message boards were down...I blame Bettman. Also cruised some other Canuck blogs...read some nasty comments about this place which made me miss it more yeah...Home Sweet Home...
  6. tocnhockey

    NFL thread

    I suspect he was murdered, but it was made to look like a suicide......... he allegedly quoted a scripture verse on his forehead in red felt pen.....uh.. sure he did nice legacy to leave for your daughter and other family members
  7. Love Luo...miss him...hope there is more Loos than boos on Thursday when the Panthers play here.
  8. Burrows is sick, he will rebound when he gets stronger..........Go Burrows!!! and I get my inside info the same way all of you guys do...the voices inside my head in fact the voices in my head right now are all demanding more drinks
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