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  1. The Habs were my second favorite team before they drafted this kid. I will not support a team that places their value on winning over human decency. If he would have been drafted by the Canucks, I would have done the same. I knew we weren't going to draft him though, so it seemed like a non issue. Benning wouldn't have taken him with a 7th. I firmly believe that. That's one of the reasons why even through questionable moves I support our hockey ops.
  2. You know what, I have no idea what most of the means. But I really appreciate the effort you put into this. Personally the look of that ideal lineup just doesn't do anything for me. I do have time for Horvat with Boeser though. Hog on with them, but I'd love to see Pearson with them at some point. Stick Garland with Miller and Petey, I could see that being a great way to spread out the scoring. Pod and Dickson on the 3rd line with either Pearson and Hoglander.
  3. Right? This post was litterally a "HEY LOOK AT ME TRYING TO HAVE A REAL PRODUCTIVE HOCKEY DISCUSSION" while actively trying to stir the pot. The only outcome of a post like that is to attempt to antagonize other posters into engaging. There is zero other point of a post such as that one. The greatest irony is they are calling out people for not talking about the subject at hand, while making a point that doesn't contribute anything to the subject at hand. But hey, at least it wasn't a post replying to a themselves so at least there is progress. Really shows how bored some people on
  4. You keep moving the goal post. You are now critiquing these players by their point totals to justify if they were in a slump or not before being traded. Using that logic OEL hasn't been in a slump either. His point totals have been quite steady overall. He is roughly a .5 point per a game player with one standout season 6 years ago. Clearly we know OEL hasn't been playing his best hockey. He himself has said as much since being traded. But to just say those other players don't qualify because of points isn't a fair arguinhg point at all. There is way more to hockey then points. All
  5. Go back to page 26 of this thread. It was reported by the Survivor Stories Project that 6 more woman have come forward after the first. This is actually pretty common for the first to give courage to others who were also assulted. It's disgusting.
  6. I'd rather Sutter. Sutter is getting paid barely over league minimum to eat defensive zone draws and kill penalties for us. Not sure I would want Getzlaf want filling that roll. Sutter was the ideal signing for this spot. He's reliable, we know exactly what we are getting with him, and he does his job. Besides his lack of production, my only knock on him really was his cap hit. You can't complain about 1 mil at all. You ain't getting much cheaper then that really.
  7. Disagree. We have a very young core, just by playing games they will become better players. I'd reckon we got a good 3 years of the core growing and getting better.
  8. I'm going to be so upset when someone finally votes no. 32-0 so far that we make the playoffs.
  9. Doesn't help at all actually. That's your opinion, and it's a poor one at that. You constantly make statements/questions then when you are confronted with pure factual statements answering your questions you have little passive agressive hissy fits.
  10. Huh, it's almost like it's a tools used by rebuilding teams more then teams who are currently going for the cup. What a shocking revelation.
  11. Canucks have had 3 since 2019. So has Ottawa. Rangers have had 4. Same time frame Philly, Nashville, Minny, Florida, and Edmonton have all had 2. You extend that list to include 2018 and about 4 more teams make the list at 2 buy outs and a number jump up to tie the Canucks at 3. Of the 3 Canuck buyouts, all 3 were extremely easy contracts to buy out in. In contrast other teams around the league are getting hit much harder then the Canucks. Buy outs are a tool in the league for a reason, and Canucks have used them better then many of the team's I have listed. Hope this h
  12. Great signing. Good local boy for the baby Nucks. Man today has been exciting. I'm at work and every time I finish a treatment I get to wash up and come check the contracts flowing in.
  13. Man oh man, Benning must be getting hand cramps after today. REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR BANANAS JIM!
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