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  1. Tommy John surgery is a replacement of a ligament in your elbow, UCL to be exact. It's not an interchangeable surgery to repair or replace ligaments elsewhere.
  2. Somebody already asked this question and I already answered it on the bottom of the first page.
  3. Adding a young top pairing D man is not a quick fix though. No one is calling to trade Boeser now, he's likely just our best trade asset to acquire what we really need, which is clearly our D core. We were 8th in the league for goals per a game this last year, and 20th overall in goals against per a game. We would be dealing from a position of strength, with young players like Hog and Pod upcoming, for a position of weakness with significantly less top end talent in the pipeline.
  4. Ekblad for Erickson, 1st, and Podkolzin? As much as I hate trading high picks, and in my opinion, elite prospects... Yeah, I take that and never look back. Ekblad completely rebuilds our D core. Hughes-Ekbald Yes friggin please.
  5. Really..? Lots of you understand what it's like to have 36 million dollars? Good to know, guess going into healthcare was the wrong call on my part.
  6. Sure, that's more money then anyone around here could even fathom. Still think I would.
  7. What are you going on about? I haven't said anything about value or anything like that. You are the only one saying that. I approached this from the personal level, and you keep talking about the business side I'm saying 31 million for 5 years of work is more then enough for him and his family to live off for the rest of their lives. Realistically the next year would probably be rough if he needs to leave Vancouver and uproot his family. 5 million is more money then as of us will ever have, but this guy already has more money then he will ever need. Not to mention it would do a huge favor to the people he has spent the last number of years of his life with. Guy would know him suffering in the minors would also cause his team to be handcuffed. It's a loose loose for him
  8. Yeah yeah, don't really care to be honest. Doesn't change my point at all. The guy is up 31 million and that last 5 million will be a real kick to the nards to the team who PAID (happy?) him 31 million bucks. If I was in that position, I would retire with all that money instead of likely riding a bus for a year
  9. Furthest back I can find here for a direct quote is May of that year. I was talking about being on his bandwagon all year but can't find any real quotes. Admittedly didn't search long, would take forever to go page to page lol
  10. You're one of out top posters here, but I expected better. The Pod Squad was low hanging fruit friend, and you didn't pick it.
  11. Not sure if anyone remembers, but I was preaching Seider from the very start of his draft year. Guy is an incredible young prospect, imo, he's near untouchable to Detroit.