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  1. No. He's had a slow start to the season because he missed training camp. This is a massive overreaction.
  2. I was under the impression he asked for a trade too. I also recall his agent coming forward and saying that wasn't true. Realistically the truth is likely somewhere in the middle if that's the case.
  3. Adds up. He's a decent depth player and can fill in if we have any top 6 players go down in a pinch. Should be a good boost to Abby as well.
  4. I think it also really shows the difference between people who listen to the radio and don't. If you have grown accustomed to how Hirsch is on the radio, his tv time is pretty good. He sounded a little nervous to me in comparison to his radio color, but that's expected. I think he's doing a good job so far. But I also like the guy, and listen to the majority of the games in the radio last year.
  5. Decent people. Decent people care if they are using derogatory terms and racial slurs. What's really pathetic is people, peticularly young people, who refuse to acknowledge that society has shifted to the point we actually care about those around us. That's what is pathetic.
  6. No he didn't. It was the right call on the goal being waived off, and was the right call not assessing a penality for that play.
  7. Right, stand up for justice when it affects you personally. Got it.
  8. This trade could very well go down as Benning finest peice of work as GM once everything said and done. Here's hoping! So far it's looking like a homerun. Also, off topic, but I saw Lights a few years ago at a music festival and she killed it. Not really my type of music, but I was impressed with her ability to get the crowd into it and she was very talented at her... Keytar?
  9. Aren't you the guy who told me they wanted their daughter to marry an "upstanding man like Jake Virtanen" in the thread of him being accused of sexual assult? Regardless. Yes, midget is a term we have moved passed using. He shouldn't have said it as it is now regarded as an offensive term to little people. But comparing it to the N word is rediculous. The N word is arguably the single most offensive word in the English language, and that's being downplayed when comparing it to midget. Coming from you, it seems even worse knowing your history with things you have said on these forums.
  10. They had litterally played the "hockey is for everyone" commercial earlier in yesterday's game. It's time for the NHL to put their money where their mouth is and fine this kid.
  11. I feel like this is the type of post you get when someone doesn't watch the game and just sees the stats. Canucks were all over the wings last night. They were throwing tons of hits (definitely not the 5 recorded, even Shorty said that was bogus). They were playing fast, physical, and got under the Wings skin to the point the entire team was playing like crap besides the goalie.
  12. Found out I could stream the game on the Sportsnet app on my phone. I'm I watching the first period from the depth of a hot Epson salt bath? You bet your sweet canuckle head I am. Couldn't think of a better way to end the work week. Rub-a-dubdub, let's get the dub.
  13. It broke my heart loosing out on Guenther. I firmly believe that he and Eklund will end up being the best players to come from this draft. But God damn does that trade look good right now. As much as I would love to have Guenther in the system, I would much rather have OEL and Garland.
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