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  1. Red Wings friend reports he takes bad penalties as well. But he's youngish and could have some potential left.
  2. Not to mention we have no idea what the long long term impact is, but most early studies lean towards it not being good. We could see countless people with lifelong effects of this. I find it remarkable how many people who have a rediculous view on the covid pandemic use the argument "but me and my whole family got it and we are fine" like that's some badge of honor or something. No, it's possible you and your whole family contracted it you probably weren't taking a global pandemic seriously enough because your opinion was easily swayed by the uneducated. I totally understand that
  3. Those were players signing team friendly contracts trying to win a cup before they retire. Not really a fair comparable to Tanner.
  4. This is the first thing I thought of as well. Anyone who said it didn't matter or downplayed the effects of getting Covid has their head in the sand and needs to stop believing what ever they hear. Covid can be extremely serious regardless of age and background, but the fact that his health hasn't been where he would like it to be over the last few years could turn into a scary situation. I wish him the very best.
  5. I reckon every human that isn't a complete and utter dirt bag cares about the well being and health of others...
  6. Well I'll be a monkey's bared assed uncle. That is shocking to me. I thought for sure someone would take a flyer on him (pun intended). How does Detroit at least not jump on the opportunity to reclaim him?
  7. I would pick up Ghost if we can find the cap space. Disclaimer, I have not followed Philly at all this year and have no idea what his deal is.
  8. This was a hilarious read. I read the original post and thought "well that's just not right at all, better check to see if anyone has addressed this before I do". You post direct evidence to @Squamfan after they tried to 'nope your wrong you'. Thank you for doing that. I read to many blatant lies on this forum in an attempt to bend the story to what ever fits a poster best. Often this interactions lead to needless name calling but in this case you handled it perfectly.
  9. Any sooner we were in the midst of attempting to right the season and push for playoffs. He couldn't have traded Pearson during that period of time, what kind of message would that have sent to the team. It would have been nice to see him traded for picks or assets, and maybe he still can, but it just didn't work out that way with his injury.
  10. We are rebuilding. What do you think the last few years of developing our draft picks into our best players has been if not a rebuild? I don't know how you could suggestion rebuilding a team that is currently rebuilding. But to answer your question, Colorado. I would 100% trade our entire roster for the Avs. I love our core, but the Avs future is so bright it hurts.
  11. 24% in the dot. This is not the center you are looking for.
  12. A whine within a whine. Whineception, if you will.
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