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  1. Why do you say he doesn't put out much effort? Wennberg is a fairly consistent point producer, even if he's not extraordinary.
  2. AW has much better stats overall; it's not even close and not fair for Gaudette. You can't just cherry pick one year to make a comparison.
  3. Good points. He's also representing himself now. Honestly Duclair is not worth pursuing. Duclair is slightly more proven than Virtanen. Rather would have Virtanen.
  4. It says "...or post false threads and rumors", so that applies to both making threads or posting invalid sources within a post. Do you not read contracts? There is something very specific about the wording y'know?
  5. I think this guy would be a better 3C or 4C than what we have.
  6. It's not really splitting hairs because it's actually written in the rules. But it is a good idea for the mods to look at it. Anywayyyyys, OEL. He could be good for Vancouver short term but I hesitate about him long term
  7. It's ok. I think the rules need to be updated. They need to provide examples so it's less ambiguous. Plus, your intent from what I could see was to create discussion, not promote a channel or Twitter account.
  8. Look carefully, the rules apply to both starting a thread, and making posts about unrecognized sources, like personal blogs.
  9. Look at the above forum-specific rules. Provost is wrong about saying that anything can be discussed. 5. Do not misrepresent the contents of your thread or post false trades or rumors. Trolling will result in a permanent suspension. SOURCES The following source types are considered INVALID. Any links to posts or threads on other message boards Any links to personal blogs Any news heard on the radio that does not have a link to an audio vault or podcast Any news seen on television that does not have a link to online video Any news spread by word of mouth Additionally, certain sources may be be blacklisted due to poor credentials, clear traffic-mongering etc. Blacklisted sources will be posted here. Not trying to be a mod but providing clarity. Honestly, these rules have to be elaborated more. They need to be more specific with examples.
  10. Peaches5 is correct to say that an invalid source shouldn't be used for discussion, especially since it wasn't specified immediately that the twitter account was not a media source. If it isn't valid enough to make a thread, what makes it good to discuss it? And really, this is no offense to IRR. He was just excited about posting something related to the OEL news.
  11. If true, the 33 percent on top of MAF is really asking for a king's ransom. Vegas having to give up a first, a second and eat 33 percent of salary.
  12. That actually would have to be labelled as speculation. Not trying to mini-mod, but i don't think it's the same comparison.
  13. I don't think you should take it as an "attack". There is a reason why there are rules for citing unknown sources. Nothing more, nothing less.
  14. This is probably the first time that I see peaches5 making valid points.
  15. Pretty sure the Canucks lowballed him, but that ship has sailed long ago. Duclair has been on five different teams already at 25 years old.
  16. I think the comparison isn't great. Sure, Duclair is a noted 20 goal scorer, but he doesn't have spectacular stats as a defensive player, and I don't believe he kills penalties. One stat I did note, and I already mentioned this in the other thread, he had 46 giveaways and 18 takeaways this past season. He's not what the Canucks need. Grabner actually would be a safer player to get especially when cheap. Middle 6 winger, and can play up and down the lineup. Kills penalties. Fast.
  17. This dude has already played on five different teams at 25 years old. He seems to be a getting, perhaps unfairly, a reputation for being a headcase. Also this past season, I saw that he had 46 giveaways, versus 18 takeaways. No thanks.
  18. His quotes sound a lot like Yann Sauve.
  19. Duclair's been on like four different teams already in his short career. There's something amiss. Five teams.
  20. Not sure about Larionov, but we have Sergei Chibisov who was used to pick Podkolzin.
  21. 7th round. Rochette? Theo Rochette was projected to be a first rounder - and he's not even picked. Has a really good skill set, but i have no idea why he's not picked.
  22. Theo Rochette - Why isn't anyone picking him? https://thehockeywriters.com/theo-rochette-2020-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ Heading into the beginning of the season Rochette was considered one of the best passers in the entire draft and it wasn’t by accident. He has above-average vision and can thread the needle with a hard, accurate pass. He possesses the ability to read plays at a high level and can find teammates with a wide array of passing options. Whether it be a cross-ice pass, saucer pass or backhand pass, he often makes the right choice. Rochette is one of those players who can stickhandle in a phone booth. He makes high-skill plays in tight with seamless execution. He doesn’t lose control at top speed and uses soft hands to open up space and find teammates. Lacking lethal power on his shot, he often uses his hands to generate dangerous scoring opportunities. However, he needs to show more consistency with the puck, as he sometimes disengages from play. Related: THW’s 2020 Draft Guide He’s one of those players who rarely shoots the puck and leaves you questioning why he doesn’t do it more often. He lacks power on his shot, likely due to his size, but he hits his target often and has a deceptively quick release. Theo Rochette's power-play goal from last night.#2020NHLDraft | @FCHockey pic.twitter.com/25WxzDnv7F — Josh Tessler (@JoshTessler_) February 19, 2020 He isn’t the fastest skater when it comes to top speed, but he’s exceptionally quick off his first step and can change speeds effectively. I think the best way to put it is he’s not fast, he’s quick. He’s strong on his edges and can cut quickly with excellent agility. Defensively, Rochette is more than capable in his own end. He commits well on the back check and shows commitment and strong work ethic consistently. He’s capable in the face-off dot, but will need to add strength to be successful there at the next level. Thanks to well-timed positioning and a quick stick, he’s able to efficiently break down plays and cut off passing lanes. Other THW Draft Profiles: Hendrix Lapierre Dawson Mercer Mavrik Bourque Théo Rochette – NHL Draft Projection Once considered a lock for the first round, Rochette has fallen significantly. He’s now projected to go somewhere in the fourth round. There are still those who are high on him thanks to his impressive rookie season. I’ve seen him ranked as high as the second round still and as low as the fifth. He’ll likely fall come draft day, but could make one team very happy if he rebounds in 2020-21.
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