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  1. Highlights from the previous 3 games Vs the Condors Vs the Reign Vs the Reign
  2. Great reffing as usual. Can opener on Petterson. No call. Hawks getting away with so much hooking and holding in this game, among other things.
  3. I'll let other people be the judge of that. Great comeback though.
  4. Really? Reading what you're writing is not giving me a clue about you? You should really stop writing, because all I'm gathering is that your IQ is quite low. Either that or you're knowingly writing like a dumbass, but that puts you as one in my books anyways.
  5. says the mindless drone that doesn't even think for himself. Look in the mirror buddy.
  6. Welp, no point attempting to have an intelligent conversation with you...
  7. To some extent, yes. It's not hard to see some of the mistakes our coaching staffs have made over the years. To think just because they have closer interactions with the players that they have a better understanding of how to utilize them is foolishness.
  8. You're right. Green is a flawless coach with perfect talent assessment. Absolutely no possible way he incorrectly assessed this player. Not a chance. /s
  9. I'd rather have him than Di Giuseppe, and both Motte and Sutter are currently out. IMO he's a guy that can slot up the lineup if other people aren't producing as well. Had 8 goals and 3 assists in his first 8 games in Utica (IIRC) last year, and 15 goals overall in 19 games played.
  10. Speed doesn't win you games. Goalscoring does. I like Lockwood and Podkolzin, but goalscoring should take precedence. I remember a number of years ago we had both Tuomo Ruutu and Jack Skille on PTOs during the preseason. Ruutu put up points, while Skille brought energy. We kept Skille. He didn't really do anything for us. When goalscoring in your bottom 6 is a problem and you have a player on your team that has shown the ability to score goals and put up points, you don't get rid of him because he's not as fast as some other player.
  11. "So why did you send a guy down that actually put up points in the games he played playing with 4th line teammates?" "We didn't really like his defensive play and hustle." "He was a +1 in the 2 games he played. Do you not want goal scoring from the bottom 6?" "We want guys with hustle. Players like Highmore and Dowling. That's the kind of energy we need." "So not players that will help your team win by increasing the score?" "HUSTLE, DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME?!"
  12. Unless you're the Oilers or Leafs. You don't have to start winning. They give you the credit regardless.
  13. I think it is a big loss. Unlike someone like Corrado who people were getting up in arms at letting go back in the day, Gadjovich has size and the ability to score. Why isn't he tried out on a line with Miller? How do you look at this player, see his ability to get to the net and score (with 4th line teammates), and not try him with some better offensive players? Where's the talent assessment? So dumb. Like AV having no idea that trying Burrows with the Sedins would necessarily do anything (he said he decided to try it out in an interview. Didn't give any particular reason). If you watched him play you could see he had very good hockey IQ and both offensive and defensive awareness before he ever played a shift with them. Case in point the One game he actually got to play with Bertuzzi (him and Kesler) where he got his first credited hattrick, and that wasn't even enough.
  14. Yes. Goals make a difference between winning and losing. Having energy doesn't. Glad we have Highmore and not Gadjovich. 2 points in 2 games? (goal and assist) - Get rid of him! Need more Dowling!
  15. Gadjovich - 2 points in 2 games. Better keep Dowling!
  16. Don't worry, guys. We get to be excited about Highmore putting up 0 points. He has more energy!
  17. I've been quite impressed with Garland so far. I've actually noticed him more (positively) than OEL, personally (though I didn't watch all the pre-season games). This trade was so good.
  18. How many teams were the Canucks trying to negotiate with? Were the offers just too low from Vancouver? Was he not bothering with counter proposals? Sucks that Benning didn't work hard enough last offseason /s
  19. If I had to pick just 1 genre? Probably Alt Rock, though most of the newer stuff I listen to is Prog. For a 10 year stretch I'd go from 1995-2005
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