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  1. Be nice if you actually got your stats correct. That record doesn't include OTLs (which are listed after Ties) Under benning we're a total of -8 Actually if you want to include OTLs in the equation then these teams all have a worse winning % (in terms of actual wins, not points %): Hurricanes Devils Blue Jackets Jets Panthers Senators Lightning
  2. Annoyed with myself for clicking on this thread. The league is such a piece of %^&*. They never fail to show it every single year. Sucks to be a Canuck
  3. Until you actually analyze the infractions. Canucks get called for way higher a percentage of the infractions they do than our opposition in games we play
  4. Don't worry. There's no bias in the NHL so they obviously got this one correct. What a joke.
  5. Forgot to mention in my last post. Was very impressed with Hoglander's vision. He passed on some attempts to make decent plays, but found the trailer for good scoring chances on multiple occasions. Very solid game by him. Virtanen had a very good defensive game as well. Hope we see him play more like he did in the 3rd though. Looked like the version of him that he's shown to be very effective at.
  6. Reffing was terrible as usual. That penalty on Hamonic that the panel was arguing should have been a penalty shot wasn't even a penalty. He didn't hook or slash him, unless they're talking about the slash on the stick that happened just before the blue line. And that's not to mention 2 garbage crosschecking calls that you won't ever see called against our opposition for the exact same thing multiple times this year, a number of no calls including incidental high stickings by Edmonton players, interference, holding the stick, and a bunch of other crap. I hate the NHL. Wish I didn't
  7. Zibanejad was on pace for 59 with his 41 in 57 games, and he was 48th. Pretty ridiculous.
  8. 1 goal in 2 games played is definitely next to nothing on a team that's struggled to score goals...
  9. More like you have a pic of Pronger when he was on the Oilers as your avatar.
  10. Hodgson was legitimately good before his back issues forced him to retire. I'm still looking forward to see if Cassels can make the team in a year or 2, if the Canucks resign him.
  11. Well he'd be starting there, regardless, if not on the 4th line. Even Getzlaf started his career on the 3rd line.
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