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  1. vaccines are probably the main topic here at this time.
  2. https://globalnews.ca/news/7758094/new-calgary-arena-paused-budget-estimate-program-requirements/
  3. Wonder what we do in net if we play Friday. Just hope one of them gets off the list. Ride DiPietro?
  4. I agree. I was actually surprised at how high the rate is for birth control. I guess the good news, out of our 44 million doses by June, not that many are AZ. If 40% are still cool with it, then it will get used up.
  5. In Alberta it could sway the next election. The irony for Alberta is a month ago, there was a reasonable chance for limited fans for the playoffs in the arenas. Not a chance now.
  6. looks like the bald officer hurt his hand.
  7. I think they will be looking in summer. They have thrown in the towel for this year
  8. I bet half these people, its their first time at church. I didn't know that many 20 year old guys even went.
  9. Good lord. Not that it even matters, but the temp decal is visible. You'd think it would end right then, when they walk close enough to see it better. I guess the good news is he will be a rich man in a few months and can get out of that place. Take his parents and family too. But the old officer will likely go retire on full pension, the younger guy will be hired 2 counties over.
  10. Seems unlikely from the very limited information they have given about him.
  11. Say we somehow got 10 million AZ next week from the USA. Part of our 20 million. Just started 18+ at any pharmacy in the country. We could have a handful of clots that are treatable. But would save so many lives. The risk/reward seems worth it. People that are high risk for clots should consult their doctor for advise. Dr. John Campbell from youtube seems to agree with you that birth control might be part of this.
  12. I agree. Especially since the USA has 90 million sitting there, with no intention of ever using.
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