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  1. Someone has to try and report back. I will be attempting to get 2 jerseys prior to the Oiler game. Balance of $400 does show up on the cards now, they are working.
  2. That's such bad business. You'd think they would move more season tickets advertising $400 free food and BOOZE. Cause it doesn't cost them $400. More like a cost of $100 for them. I am going to try to get 2 jerseys at the store.
  3. Aren't you a first year? Do you get this credit? Mine has a barcode, but the number under the barcode is just my 7 digit account number. I go for cash, then pay for my tickets with a 3% cashback Mastercard. A couple cards will get you 2%.
  4. Not much there to exchange with in the upperbowl for the good games.
  5. No payment plans, you have to pay all now. Some decent seats left
  6. They told me they were in the mail September 29th when I called. I guess they weren't
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