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  1. Yeah there is still the moneyline. I just think other sports are more interesting to bet on, with the spread and over/under.
  2. I am getting dose 2 Sunday, had Pfizer first. I don't care what I get. If they determine in the future a mix is less effective or wears off faster, just give me a third of one of them in Fall. With the amount of Moderna we are getting the next few days, it really speeds up second doses. As long as one of each counts as being fully vaccinated for travel around the world.
  3. Travis is ready for fans!! Hi Neil, On behalf of our entire team, I am writing today to thank you for your incredible support and to say we can’t wait to see you in person next season at Rogers Arena. It’s finally time to look ahead and get excited again. I believe this young team is on the rise. They have shown character, skill, a strong will to win and we expect big things in the years ahead. I can tell you the players are committed to winning. We have a young core that wants to achieve greatness and we are going to support them in every way possible. We can’t w
  4. Empty net goals kills hockey betting. For CFL this will be fun
  5. The vaccine isn't 100% effective. So the more covid positive people you come in contact with, they greater chance you could get it. If you never come into contact with a covid person, then you are safe. Even if you have a weakened immune system and so forth.
  6. https://globalnews.ca/news/7962000/canada-covid-vaccine-shipment-7962000/ Second doses by September out the window. With this new Moderna shipment being front loaded, even with the Pfizer short shipments we will have over 60 million by mid July, and over 50 in June. We can do over a million jabs a day from now, till this is done. For the next month.
  7. Now its sort of the reverse, we will have way more Moderna on hand and less Pfizer in early July. With the 9.5 million Moderna we are getting this month, that's enough to give all the people that got a Moderna first dose, all the AZ people who want an mRNA for their second dose, and use it for all new first doses, and still have lots left. With the reduced Pfizer in early July, I wonder if they will want to do some Pfizer first dose with Moderna second to speed second doses up as fast as possible. Otherwise we will have a bunch of unused Moderna, waiting for more adults to get their first d
  8. We are getting a LOT of Moderna this month. 3 shipments totaling 8.5 million. Plus another million from the states https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/us-vaccine-donation-june-17-1.6068714
  9. Its bizarre but apparently works. Kenney mentioned that in Ohio, weekly vaccination rates were slowing down and were down 25%, from the previous week when their lottery was announced. After that it went up 38%. Lot of people. Hopefully their first winner is some old lady who got the vaccine back in March. Not some 20 year old doing it now.
  10. Pfizer 94% effective preventing hospitalization after one dose against Delta. 96% after both doses. Astra 71% effective preventing hospitalization after one dose against Delta. 92% after both doses. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vaccines-highly-effective-against-hospitalisation-from-delta-variant A major reason for the UKs spike in cases is because they have just begun their under 30 crowd for first doses. A big chunk of their daily infection are the younger group.
  11. Alberta to have lottery. 3, 1 million dollar prizes. Kids 12-17 not eligible. Its about 2.5 million people eligible for the draws, so not bad for a lottery. I wonder how much it would increase vaccination rates, if instead of 3 prizes, they made 100.
  12. Its kind of a hard statistic to use. Because as more people get vaccinated, a higher percent of the daily cases will be vaccinated people. But on a much lower number of daily cases. Last week Alberta said about 3% of their hospitalizations were people infected greater than 2 weeks after they were vaccinated (first dose). Web MD. Has an article from a month ago saying for 2021, 99% of hospitalizations weren't fully vaccinated. https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210513/over-_99-percent-hospitalized-2021-covid-patients-unvaccinated It always was It was 1
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