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  1. They are still around. A meme stock like GameStop
  2. YES bring this guy to do the anthem at Rogers.
  3. Don't turn it higher, the announcer will blow out your ears in a minute
  4. Did they kill the sound. Because they don't want a copyright strike from U2?
  5. I will never complain about our preseason schedule again. I feel sorry for the season ticket holders in St Louis and LA that have to pay full price, to watch the garbage Arizona sends them.
  6. Sit up in the upperbowl. You won't even notice.
  7. Its more about getting the seats. My rep told me, it takes months to actually make the 20,000 or so seats. The company is from the states. The install itself seems pretty streamline
  8. I think it good to do it now. They need a strong start this year. Anything that helps reduce distractions, hopefully will help us get a better start. I still expect some sort of ceremony opening night too.
  9. BCNeil


    Giant poker tournament. Winner gets to be captain. If not everyone knows how to play. Lawn dart tourney
  10. I would guess Soucy or Cole. and no, neither would be in the league top 20
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