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  1. I think with that you get managers in their final year rolling the dice. For the rest like Benning it would basically be a no win, unless you did that and won the cup that year.
  2. Your idea is one of those that is hard to implement. Do you somehow phase it in? Just putting it in, it benefits some teams instantly. While others might be in positions where it wouldn't benefit them at all and take several years before it could. What about Vegas and Seattle? How many years would it take for Seattle to have 15 draft picks on the team? Goalie13 is right too. Where does this money come from?
  3. If there is a Canadian division next year. Getting hard to predict the top 4.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they get him back. I think they would have liked to keep him last year, but we were willing to pay him 100K more. I could see him going back for 750K
  6. I agree. Buy him out, if it's needed to keep our roster intact. Not to replace him.
  7. They will still suck in the playoffs till they get men for their top 6. But they could be a very strong regular season team now.
  8. Damn, we messed them up that bad?
  9. Your immune system does not prevent you from catching a virus.
  10. BCNeil

    NFL thread

    Seahawks showboating
  11. John Tortorella once said something along the lines of "He doesn't even know how to play hockey"