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  1. Who else was battling for the rights to deploy Loui Erksson & at that money or term? The fact that big contracts were being awarded, does not justify Loui Ericksson being offered such a reward! Loui’s chumminess with Benning (BOS) as well as the Sedins (Team-Sweden), uber-tempted JB to over-sell LE’s worth & potential to the Aquilinis. He clearly over-paid the player & promised far more to the fans than LE could ever-possibly deliver. No other GMs were chomping at the bit to sign Loui Ericksson, at that kind of money & term. Loui was looking to avoid bein
  2. That was Nate Schmidt’s story here. What about the albatross Loui Ericksson contract, where arguably no other NHL team came within light years’s of offering him anything close to that. So much wasted-cap when this team was fairly tight-knit & starting to knock on the door of doing special things. There’s also the plague of Virtanen’s perpetual immaturity upon this team & that dressing room. How do you put heart into something without depth or train the brain of someone who refuses to learn or is unaccustomed to making the necessary sacrifices? Not properly vettin
  3. I’ve been in it to win it for decades! I’ll tune-out when I’m dead, and maybe not even then.
  4. I’m also considering the players who departed as FAs. Edler, Tanev, Markstrom, Toffoli, Leivo, Stecher, Virtanen & no trading deadline fodder. This was a year of change for everyone, but at some point continuity, team chemistry & timing win championships. ^Too many flushes & there’s not enough still water left to accomplish these goals.
  5. Benning’s been habitually flushing away assets - for nothing. Going all in for the youth movement! Get a plan, properly vett the players you bring in & stick with that plan until pay day! @JB: I’ll stay tuned in, but, the bag of free passes for mistakes is empty. Your tenure is basically on life support. Do no more harm before you go.
  6. I have refuted the hometown excuse (with the Stecher example). Stecher was also a college kid, which is an experoence & process that does its own form of vetting. Troy made all of the necessary sacrifices to succeed, & uses these skills today to continue progressing & building up his reputation as a solid professional hockey player. Jake entered the league young, but compared to other 1st round picks like Draisatl or Horvat, Virtanen could not possibly have interviewed well. We can hear & see the maturity of other 1st round picks, but off the hop Jake’s maturity &
  7. Not properly vetted. In the same draft year, Draisatl was incredibly mature & professional for his age, everyone could hear & see it. It was the same way with Bo. With a 1st round draft pick, you just gotta be sure! Don’t take a flyer, just ‘cuz he’s a hometown boy. Hometown boys can work out tho’, Stecher, for instance, went away to college at University of North Dakota, & became a proven winner & leader upon a Championship team. He had enough smarts & maturity to juggle a jam-packed schedule of training, classes & studies, by learning to make ha
  8. Bingo! ^This dude was never properly-vetted. Intelligence, focus, work ethic, character & maturity were all lacking. Add these deficiencies to the home-town posse’, which was a likely distraction, and this guy had even less of a chance to succeed here in VAN, over almost any other NHL city. Someone, who went through similar growing pains with Tyler Seguin in Boston, should have learned something & shipped out Virtanen (with Jared McCann), years ago, while he still had marketable value. @JB: Your failure to act sooner has cost this organization fair c
  9. The phrase that raised a flag for me was: average skater This isn’t promising. Get an elite skating coach kid. It is essential that you are a good to great skater to be impactful in the NHL.
  10. I think the quote was a statement recalled by Quinn that he made to his brother in jest before he was actually drafted by NJ, saying…”Why would you want to play there, the rink stinks?”Totally a different scenario. Either brother coming to VanCity would have pleased Quinn, but the odds of playing together were always rare, then VAN trades away their 1st round pick. It is now easier for the elder brother Quinn, to eventually choose where he will play, and sooner, than his 2 younger bros. NJD will be lurk about, mark my words.
  11. Sounds like the stiff shoulder Benning gave to Tanev, Toffoli, Stecher & Markstrom. Gotta still treat your players & former players with respect, even if there is very little left to say, but thank you, or come by again sometime. I hope Benning’s learned at least that much. Genuine communication skills among hockey bros to illicit some trust & demonstrat that you care, seems to be a key. Not sure if Benning has always been doing that - according to reports. It’s a business sure, but it is also a “family” of families. Time to start laying down a foundati
  12. Exactly! That template has been clearly set out by the TBL. Game the system, for surplus cap in players “during” play-off times. If OEL is struggling at all, injured, concussed or hurt in any way, let’s just pull ^that maneuver. Nudge, nudge. But, with our luck the NHL closes this loop-hole with restrictions or some other penalty attached.
  13. OAE’s enthusiasm is a given - but I really, really hope all the feelers were out getting every kind of assurance that Garland will sign here & for awhile.
  14. I have the Sedin(s), Edler, Bieksa, Naslund, Linden (skate) jerseys. No regrets! Wish I had purchased a Lumme, Ohlund, Markstrom or unearthed a Gradin throw-back jersey, too - instead I have a few paintings, hats, #numbered toques/sticks. When it’s someone’s birthday, or when game night dates happen to correspond with an ex-player’s jersey #, I put that one on. It’s all good fun, good luck & I’m just doing my part to enrich the franchise & move things along. Stanley Cup or bust!!!! Like I said previously somewhere, the majority of us are so investe
  15. I’m afraid that Boeser & Hughes could/will bolt from the franchise for family considerations, eventually. Swedes & Finns are the better investments, because the weather is gorgeous in Scandinavia for a few months out of the year (a normal hockey off season) and they generally don’t care where they’re residing for the other 8 or 9 months. VanCity is among the best NHL environments to offer guys who appreciate those similarities to home geographically, environmentally, politically & socially. It’s not always the same, but I swear, there are days in the
  16. Must admit that I’m looking forward to booing Keith, a little more often & in perpetuity. Each & every time he will have to give a sheepish explanation to his kids when asked, “ Why do all those people in Vancouver boo as you play the puck, daddy?” He’ll have to admit to gooning an impeccably honourable future-hall-of-fame union bro with a deliberate & vindictive blind-side elbow because he’s incapable of controlling his temper & often acts or behaves like a maliciously vindictive arse, on the ice. A proper in-city on-air apology for that move, (w
  17. Team-D needs to be solved, signed, sealed & delivered-up to some regular ice-time together, in order to become a synchronized machine. D-men are the heart of any hockey team. The goalies, are more like the immune system. If the D-men don’t function well, there is virtually very little game or any resistance to offer-up.
  18. Could also be the Loui Ericksson contract repeating itself. Pray that this was just a player feeling a little uninspired, depressed or stale living’ in the “United Gong-show States of America” especially in Arizona one of the politically divided & looney-toon southern States, during these very Trumpian & Covid-times. If welcomed back into the Great White North, where there are social programs & people who generally co-exist peacefully while living in reality,… this team & city may well be a godsend to this guy. I hope that’s the case, in fact I pra
  19. This makes me really nervous after seeing the size & strength of the Goliath-sized pillars on both defense & offense that the Seattle Kraken just obtained through the expansion draft.
  20. Jaw dropping. Could we also interest Bergevin in a shotgun like Jake?
  21. What time do we tune in for the start of the second round?
  22. Ha-ha, I was literally just typing that this L’heureaux guy sounds like a Marchand-esque arsehole.
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