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  1. Cheers…..to tears. Sorry man. I was also hoping for a miracle 11th hour move to land him. He was a solid peg in the board that we need & badly.
  2. Oh my gaaad!! Ceulemans is another ace going to the Blue Jackets. Right hand too! We were freakin’ dreaming to think he’d fall to the 2nd round. Damn you, Benning, for not getting this kid some way or some how.
  3. Everyone pray for Petey’s wrist! His injury was clearly no quick or easy thing. As a sprinter who has ruptured an Achilles’ tendon, it took a good long while to get that quick trigger & timing back to sprint properly, again. You’ve got to think that the speed of a shot depends a lot upon the split-second timing of a very delicate trigger. Please - pray for Petey’s wrist.
  4. Oh my gaaaaad, Quinn is already chomping at the bit to join them. Hope there’s a scheme afoot to really please our prize & get him committed for some length, or we may be in a spot of trouble down the road. On the other hand, I did like his “ their rink stinks” comment. LOL.
  5. Tanev, Markstrom, Toffoli, Stecher, Edler, (he might stay & just sniff free agency). And, Virtanen will likely be lost without compensation too. Beagle & Roussel were fading, but still niche players, who served their purpose for a time.
  6. Hard to compete for a Cup losing your top-ranking players to free agency without compensation, over & over & over again… and giving away 1st rounders & the amount of their retention time as they develop. Is Benning making VanCity the newest farm team for this league? This is now the third flushing I’ve witnessed, since the last SCup Final run. The bubble run team has been essentially flushed too. They scratch the rim of the bowl &….flush!! Good grief! Just let this team develop some synergy, brotherhood, soul & chemistry already!
  7. When the families grow & the kids come along. That’s when these groupings happen & seem to matter the most. Unless they crap out in meeting expectations all three of these Hughes boys will be the property of their respective teams awhile as first round draft picks. Compensation for them as RFAs will likely be extremely high to match but NJ might try if the Canucks don’t get a good & lengthy contract commitment.
  8. That’s what happens…shades of Sedinery. Kind of ensures that the dudes stayed together, at least, if it was by their choice.
  9. Soon it could be all three. My fear has always been - if the Canucks don’t get one of the other Hughes brothers thru draft or in trade , or the Canucks aren’t ready to Cup hunt by the time Boeser & Hughes are UFAs, they will both be inclined to walk away. Boeser closer to home/ family in Minnesota & Hughes anywhere to reunite with his 2 bros. Chips are not falling the Canucks way early, on many fronts.
  10. Benning has hung in there forever with this guy, desperate to have his first round draft pick finally mature & round into shape. Neither of those options seems likely to happen tho’, sigh.
  11. No. He’s worth less than spit but just hopin’ another team bites. There’s always entry draft day shenanigans!
  12. Do we have ANY potential top 4 defensemen expected to return? Hughes, yes but he’s painfully young. Myers is barely there. Edler? (suspect not) Hamonic? Schmidt? Juolevi? Who else is even under contract? Oye vey.
  13. So Jake the snake is still a Canuck. Another bit of summer-time drama that needs to play out.
  14. Yup - we’ve invested soooooo much, it makes it virtually impossible to walk away until that investment pays off. The ultimate stakes for the heartiest gamblers! In it to win it. There are no other options.
  15. Having stripped the rest of the league of their old-timers, higher-priced players, grinders & fringier young talent…no way should Seattle be drafting in the top 3. Kraken should be drafting - last. No more early leg-ups for expansion newbies - good grief!
  16. MC - dude says Vancouver Canucks fans may jump ship and become Kraken fans because we are so “frustrated” with our own team. Hell no!!! We’ve been in it for 50+ years, and are not giving up on anything, now!
  17. ^I appreciate the optimism. I’m saying that the team isn’t just experiencing a few casualties,.. the assault on the core was a full on slaughter. New guys are not even wanting to stick around (Schmidt, Hamonic) even after that promising group went through a pretty heroic bubble-run in 2020. That core’s reward was to be subsequently torpedoed. If you cannot give your top free-agents the security of long term deals or if they cannot give you hometown discounts or shortened deals to ride out the uncertainly of a Covid-season or expansion year then... maybe Tanev, Marky & Stecher d
  18. This is nearly rock-bottom, again. Losing Markstrom, Tanev, Leivo, Toffoli, Stecher, Edler, likely Boeser next, or Virtanen to buy-out or for nothing, too, is what happens when you core bust and lose the faith & trust of your players. This is the consequence of not having a ‘proper’ plan, reacting slowly and/or ineffectively to bumps that appear in the road, and communicating poorly with players & fans about your future plans. It takes more than talent to ‘bind’ a team together. Team chemistry is elusive. Where’s the trust, when you bury, bench or repea
  19. Aren’t we pretty much living option one now? Maybe just a shade above, where the Oilers, Sabres & Red Wings were or are. Any which way, just win the SCup!!! And please, don’t cheat in ways that would disqualify you from holding your head up on the way to that final prize, a la ‘Ben Johnson’.
  20. And the Moore-take-out-of-Naslund season might have been one of the best Canucks teams ever, but we know how that worked out thanks to the league not cracking down enough on goonery & applying league discipline adequately enough - so that teammates feel there is no alternative to vigilante justice, that went horribly wrong when players don’t man-up and then trip & step upon stray sticks to boot! Very sad, would have, should have, could have…
  21. Bettman has not battled the ‘old school power-broking owners’ enough, for the betterment of this league & health of their best assets the players, nor has he cared enough about the integrity of the game & using the available technology (more than has already been permitted) to get the calls definitively right in most situations. He/the Jeremy Jacobs-camp clearly want more ‘ambiguity’ for old school officials to misinterpret… or to create more drama to exploit. Bettman has had his day. He is not moving forward in healthier ways. The entry-draft couldn’t be less transp
  22. ^Tremors is just that or can be a side effect of medications, he may have issues. Not saying that the ‘Old schoolers’ will just let him go - even if he becomes senile! The progressives all need to stand up! Progressive GMs & top/players need to leverage their owners. There may even be an entrenched understanding in place, for all of Bettman’s past loyalties, to just let him retire-out on his own terms, whenever that is. He is a reviled mix-messaging hard-ass & mainly a the booable figurehead of the NHL, now. Many cities have been wronged at many times by Gary & co-Horst,
  23. Bettman is getting up in age & I can’t help but notice that he seems to show some symptoms of early Parkinson’s disease. I know he wants & expects to have his Commissioner’s position for life, but I really hope his retirement has been hastened & that we have a progressive new visionary as commissioner who will be treating ALL franchises equally & bring integrity back to the NHLOA & some far better regional representation to DPS.
  24. It’s about the LITR bouncing back into the fold and the Cap-value of the team playing in the play-offs being far greater than the one that had to be cap equivalent or under during the season. Even tho’ regular season salaries have been paid out, a cap-valued roster should be required & maintained entering into every series. Plug in subs as needed, but each play-off team still needs to suit up a roster of value - not exceeding the seasons cap criteria.
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