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  1. I think completely eliminating short players could be a mistake.

    Some short players throughout history I found:

    Paul Kariya - Had a 50-goal season

    Martin St. Louis - Won Two Art Ross Trophies

    Pavel Bure - Among the best goal scorers of the 90s, led or tied for the lead in goals three times

    Dino Ciccarelli - Finished with over 600 goals, seven 40+ goal seasons

    Denis Savard - Five 100+ seasons, one 131 point season

    Bobby Clarke - Hard-nosed forward had three 100+ point seasons and led team to back-to-back Stanley Cups

    Theo Fleury - Managed four 40+ goal seasons in a relatively short career

    Pat Verbeek - Eight 30+ goal seasons, finished with over 500 goals

    Pat LaFontaine - 148-point season

    Mark Recchi - 123-point season that included 53 goals

    Marcel Dionne - Six 120+ point seasons, one of the best forwards of All-Time

    Just a few corrections I agree to some extent as the other softies on the list had giant thugs for protection while the others could protect themselves, also the game is truly played by giants now. Every line is mammoth and I think this is what the OP wants. SO DO I ! Time for crushing scoring and more crushing. If Kellan Lain can play anywhere close to say Bertuzzi or Lucic' style i cant wait !... Bure 5'11 played around 200 most of his career had a savage mean streak. Fleury score 40 twice and 50 once also nasty mean streak. Ciccarelli played like an escaped convict he was so ruthless in front of the net. Bobby Clarke on the back of one of his cards is listed at 5'10 180 and IS known as one of the toughest Sob's to play the game.

    I agree with both of you . We need size and scoring but we can not count out the pure skilled smaller players. If they can play like Patrick "The Garbage Collector'" Kane and sneak around avoid the hits and slink in the dirty areas while sniping the puck then there is a place for them in the league.

  2. LOL ! So you want to change a tradition that has been going since 82' ? Out of respect for the man I think the towel will stay the same color. How about you make a white towel with the Blue n green stick on it wave that one and presto problem solved.

  3. Great analogy. Awesome words of advice as well . I agree with most of what you have written but the main point realistically for many is that the small things really matter. Their quality of life depends on these tiny moments, possessions or events that seem inconsequential to us but really mean the world to them. Yes it sounds incredibly pretentious but it is very real. I myself try not to put too much value on anything that is material, it eventually leads to disappointment unless of course you are loaded. Inevitably even then the luster will tarnish.

    Many things that are meaningful to others are meaningless to me. It is really subjective to the person living their lives. I feel incomplete if I have not drifted a corner or hit red line in at least a few gears each day. It brings such joy to me but others may think that is just plain stupid.

    IMHO In the grand scheme of things you are pretty much on target my friend:) Life , liberty and health are what really matter most. Anything after that is just gravy.

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  4. Hockey night in Canada's blatantly obscene Eastern bias had nothing to do with the outcome of that poll I'll bet lol. Sad thing is they have brain washed the league/fans into thinking we are overrated ? PLEASE !

    If anyone watched the DET game (and was as amazed as I was at the amount of Canucks jersey's in the JOE LOUIS or the noise they were making for our Boys?) the heart and desire that was displayed by the Canucks and especially Loungo showed we are a serious contender and the rational fans of the league recognize it ! This team is growing stronger in every aspect day by day, shift by shift, game by game.

    Tonight really solidified my belief that the path in the West to Lord Stanley is through Vancouver ! Not Det not SanJose or ST.L and sure as hell not through LA. Embrace this time Canuck Nation ! Deep teams like this can only last so long.

    2012 Finals ! BELIEVE !

  5. Well said :) This is a team sport and our team is clearly one of the best this season. This group has persevered through mountains of negativity from the fans , media and the NHL itself . The respect in the room has spilled over onto the ice for the past few years and the desire this group has is beautiful to watch . I will not lie I have developed a very bad taste in my mouth for the Bruins , but what did I expect ? A Tea party between our 2 teams lol. This has been a battle and tonight will be no exception.

    I BELIEVE !!!


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  6. Ballard is an absolute force when it comes to the physical aspect of the game. His timed hits are more like cruise missiles that have locked on target. I (as many fans around the league) love his style of play and hope to see more of Ballard these playoffs . The video evidence of his hip check prowess speaks for itself !

    I cannot believe that in all of theses clips he gets attacked for super clean game changing hits ? What is wrong with the NHL ? Why do they condone such brutal tactics when a HARD, CLEAN, body check is delivered ? :blink: ? I have been watching hockey for 30+ seasons and have never been so disgusted with the officiating of the modern day game . The lack of respect among certain players in the league is mind boggling ?

    This is not the type of NHL I grew up with, of that there is no doubt. I remember when a solid check was cheered by both benches during a game. Thankfully there are always those aspects in the game that bring fans like myself back year after year . Hard clean HITS , miracle saves, and who could forget those epic fights ?

    Unfortunately a dark cloud is forming and fans league wide are starting to notice and starting to talk. The major consensus is that the officiating plain and simple is at the very best brutally inconsistent. Hockey fans world wide should not be subjected to seeing their teams have five straight power plays called against them, only to receive four in a row themselves ! How could any team be proud of a victory like that ?

    Let the teams play and showcase their talents ! That's all any fan or player of any pro sport WORLD WIDE really wants .

  7. You must be joking :blink: ? Somebody has put you up to this because there is no way you are this much of a homer ?troll ? I have never been the biggest fan of KB but your reasoning to me is insane. His effort at combining toughness and composure this year is finally coming together . Opposing goons are not savagely hacking away at our stars because they know we will not hesitate to exact some justice.

    You do realize he has been rock on d for us more games than not this year right ?

    KB has been at the top or near the top for +/- for most of the year , currently in second with a +26 only one back of Lydman+27

    I know you have noticed how much better of a skater he is in his own end and how much more confidence he has shown game in and game out . Yes there has been the occasional stupid penalty and the odd give away but seriously he is only human and if it were not for BIEKSA 2.0 we would have seen way fewer wins in the last 2 months with our entire D core sitting in the ER .

    So I and Canuckle nation forgive you for your clear lapse in vision or positivity for or boys on their current quest for Lord Stanley's mug.

  8. Yes, I agree that the Kings are a superior team and that the Nyucks can only win when they play dirty and don't get caught doing it. But when the Nyucks get caught and lose because of penalty goals, they start crying and playing the blame game. Whiners. Losers. Kings in 6.

    The ignorance you have displayed is typical of LA Queens fans . You have no clue what the sport of hockey is. I suggest you refrain from straining the last 2 brain cells that you have , rub them together to make yourself a snack , sit back, relax and take a deep breath to realize your pathetic attempt at intelligent commentary is utterly futile .

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