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  1. OJ better be in for Benn next game, wasn't a big fan of the kid but he earned that spot with much improved play in his last handful of games.
  2. Our worst plus/minus players are obviously going to be the guys that play the most for the most part. Bo's line plays too many minutes, but what option do we have? Our bottom six cannot score, is too slow and doesn't really intimidate anyone physically. The third line gives us absolutely nothing, I haven't disliked a line as much as I dislike the Sutter-Gaudette-Rous(or anyone else for that matter) in a decade. Never seen two guys with less chemistry than Sutter and Gaudette, so what do we do? Just keep forcing them out together every game. We just don't the parts we need throughout the line-up and that includes the bottom six.
  3. Might as well keep playing him in the top six now, try and get him some points and increase his trade value. Not interested in Heinen. We need speed, toughness and playmakers. He is none of those things.
  4. I'll never stop saying it, show me another team that doesn't use their best shooter as a shooter on the PP.
  5. They need to use the umbrella but actually feed Boeser for one timers with petey on the other side, put hogz and miller in front of the net.
  6. So are we gonna let smith see every single shot? Can somebody get in front of the god damn net pls.
  7. Neither does horvat, I definitely prefer a playmaking center but if you don't have that there needs to be a playmaker on the wing. Something we lack on multiple lines, passing is a huge problem for this team.