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  1. With generational players in the next two drafts I would take the pics and rebuild. If we are trading Petey we are rebuilding.
  2. It won't be pretty, lots of games crammed together plus we have the worst travel already. It's a concern for sure, nevermind risk of injury at the olympics.
  3. This is how I feel. I do think it's going to be an issue in the playoffs, but right now I'm more worried about the penalty kill. Sutter, Dickenson and Motte are our only good penalty killers. We still need another guy that is good on the penalty kill. We have guys like Bo, Miller and Pearson that can technically do it, but they aren't good at it and it's better for us if we can keep Bo and Miller off of the PK. If we can find a guy that's big/tough and also good on the PK, we can kill two stones with one bird. I know he's already signed, but we need a Trevor Lewis type for our last
  4. Ah yes, lets sell low on another d-man. No thanks, this is Vancouver, we need 8 nhl d-men. If we end up having 4 clearly top 4 LHD, then we can trade one for a nice piece. But neither Juolevi or Rathbone will get us anything more valuable than they are to us right now.
  5. As I said before, when Quinn has a full season of playing in all situations, including being a strong penalty killer, he can expect to be paid like the top D-men. Not before.
  6. It depends on our young core, all these side pieces are nice but they have to be a lot better or we will still be a bubble team. And quite a bit rests on Shaw's shoulders as well. He's got to work some magic with this defense. Can he get Quinn back on track? Can he make Myers a more reliable defender that can be steady and pair with an offensive guy? What about the PP? It has to be way better. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.
  7. So take the Center and 2 of our 3 good penalty killers out of the line-up? Bold strategy.
  8. Good guy to play against teams like St. Louis, and just an all around good guy.
  9. It's simply analytical evidence that back up a statement that he's replaceable. Instead of the people that clearly watch hockey with blindfolds on around here claiming he's amazing, because reasons. And how dare anyone questiong Jim Benning's free agent signings, he's never messed those up before.
  10. At what point is it tanking? I thought the league was no longer tolerating that? Oh right, it's Bettman's favorite team.
  11. Really happy to have him back, exactly what we need back there.
  12. He's finally where he should be, getting paid what he should be. The problem is what do we do when he gets injured? I think we still need another guy that can win draws and kill penalties.
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