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  1. Anyteam that roles 3 offensive forward lines + 1 shutdown line Will be glad to have Gaudette He's getting more minutes with Chicago
  2. Age 23 33 points in 59 games He had issues with his health, it's not fair to say he has a disease, what type of person are you, an arrogant one... Travis green plays to win, he's coaching to make the playoffs, he doesn't have a contract, he's not gonna use Gaudette on the first two lines, the kid couldn't match up well against other top 6, and he doesn't have enough linemates to help drive play in the bottom 6, our bottom 6 is all defensive minded players He wasn't a fit under Travis green Sutter Beagle Roussel V
  3. Highmore is a career 4th liner, I agree he's gonna be here for couple years and it's a good thing.... But does that means he's a better player then Gaudette, he hasn't produced more points then Gaudette in the same amount of games. Gaudette is worth more then Highmore, you cannot predict he's gonna be out of the league in two years, that's such a dumb thing to say, put some money on it if your that sure of it
  4. Correct he's not gonna play ahead of Petey,Bo, and Miller, But don't trade him for a 4th liner, last year he was worth a second rounder, Bad asset management, Regardless where he plays in the lineup he's worth more then Highmore
  5. Whoever has the better career wins the trade Highmore 4th liner Gaudette can play up and down the lineup..... Canucks sold low on Gaudette, terrible asset management
  6. Power Hughes Clarke Guenther Eklund Beniers Or trade down for Ceulemans
  7. What a joke, flat cap, lots of deals in free agency AAV is coming down for all contracts across the board, Petterson would of fetched 9+ before pandemic, now 7ish Pearson is solid third liner, no more then 2M Jim Benning what are you doing ! This is crazy
  8. Injuries What !?! Just Resting Till The Big Show

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