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  1. Would everyone be okay with an opening roster of something like this? Trade Schmidt and Holtby, bring in a cheap back-up goalie, bring in a couple right-sided defensemen for depth ----- maybe a better trade (but cap space is limited).
  2. No surprises there. Holtby, Lind, MacEwan or Gadj headed to Seattle.
  3. Close enough to 0, that the odds of even making the playoffs are listed at 0.0%. http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL.html
  4. One of Lind or Gads could be picked by Seattle if they show too well here. They may already have an eye on one of them for the draft. Canucks could potentially start next year with the top-nine of: Hoglander-Peterson-Boeser Gads-Miller-Podkolzin Pearson-Horvar-Lind Is it good enough to compete? Do they try and bring in some other top-end talent? I don’t know if there’s enough grit there.... And on D? Do you bring Edler and Hamonic back? Because if so, you end up with basically the same group again: Edler-Schmidt Hughes-Hamonic
  5. Still riding the GME train. Almost 300. Let’s go!
  6. Can’t trade Motte. Schmidt? He’s finally turned his game around recently, just need to see more offense. Hamonic? Sure. Next year probably includes: Edler (cheaper, short-term deal), Hughes, Schmidt, Myers, Juolevi, Tryamkin(?), Rathbone(?), Rafferty (?). Probably have room for one-depth guy - is it Benn? Hamonic? Other?
  7. I'm relatively optimistic the team will turn it around, but not this year. They've lost too much ground. They're not playing well. Everything is going against them, and there's only 30-odd games left in the season. Team next year must include [untouchables] Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, Hoglander, Podkolzin, Motte Hughes, Juolevi Team should include: [players kept unless a significant hockey trade/improvement is available] Miller, Beagle, Pearson [re-sign him as a solid top-9], Gaudette, MacEwan Schmidt, Edler (but only if he re-signs for 3-4 million),
  8. I’m still in on GME and AMC from the last run. Waiting this out - no paper hands until 10k!
  9. My goal has always been teaching, which I’ve been fortunate to be able to do over the last decade - but I actually transitioned into leadership positions in the last few years along with completing my Masters. Combine those experiences with living overseas, and pre-covid, traveling, and I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of my “career goals”. I’m constantly exploring new areas of teaching and learning, and at some point will want to transition back home to BC/Canada.
  10. Equivalent to going on an 8-game losing streak during regular times.... fire someone!!!!!
  11. With a six-game losing streak pending. Are they going to do anything before Saturday....? Because.... losing 10% of a season in a row is dire.....
  12. Just jumping on the bandwagon for the giggles. Only throwing in a few hundred.
  13. I’m jumping in on the GME and AMC buys today. First time into stocks, mostly doing it to avoid boredom through this month. Hoping it goes the moon.
  14. Curious if there are any lineup changes.... Shake the team up a little.
  15. Well this is one way to help Demko improve his SA%. 25 shots by end of first. 75 shot game?
  16. Defense is going to burn out if Baumer/Green only play Juolevi 8 minutes a game. Either play him, or sit him for someone else. Playing Edler, Hamonic, and Myers 20+ minutes is not going to be helpful. Lots of other issues too, but this sticks out. Need all the defensemen to be playing at least 12-14 minutes.
  17. I’ve lived in Wuhan for a decade, similar to Smokes I think. They locked the city down until May. Since then, everything’s pretty much back to normal. Schools re-opened in September as usual. Most people wear masks outdoors, but it was around maybe 70% in September because of everyone’s comfort level with how much it’s been taken care of. With more outbreaks in other cities in December, sensitivity has been much higher recently and seeing more things like temperature checks, increased barriers limiting entrance points to locations, more locations checking Health App tracker again, etc
  18. My guess would be that should read 2:00 pm scrimmage
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