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  1. They coud make things fun and turn the compliance buy out into a tradeable asset. That way it would also benefit teams that weren't in cap hell.
  2. So a Vancouver Canuck can't travel to Burnaby?
  3. Is that even possible at the moment? How would we get out from under a contract? I suppose we could mutually terminate Palmu's contract? I don't know if there's anyone else?
  4. I'm pretty sure players are free to travel where ever they like (within reason) without the assistance of an AHL demotion.
  5. Any word on whether we're in on any of the top college free agents?
  6. I get the intrigue but is Tryankin better defensively than Stetcher? Because he isn't better offensively and he isn't going to come much cheaper. IMO if we cut Stetcher, it will either be to plug Rafferty in or another lower salary or if it were a clear upgrade and I'm not sure Tryamkin is an upgrade. Sure, he's bigger but that doesn't necessarily mean better. Troy is also a favorite in the dressing room and amungst the fans.
  7. Assuming your math adds up (I'm far too lazy for that), thanks for doing that. I think your projections are spot on, save a few hundred K. Assuming guys are willing to sign for a bit of a hometown discount. I'm hoping we can get Jake for $2.5 though. Josh Leivo money. I'm assuming you left Leivo off your team? I was curious and very skeptical that we'd be able to re-sign everyone without trading significant prospects/picks. We'd definitely need to retain money at the minimum. It would be a godsend if we sent Loui down and eventually terminated his contract, but it's not something you can count on.
  8. Incredible deal for a 3rd round pick. I know he's having an off year but he's still a 30+ point defender coming off a 60 point season. Could be a steal.
  9. Apparently Kreider has all 7 Canadian teams on his M-NTC, so I don't think he ends up in Calgary.
  10. Sutter I agree but I think Benn could get us a mid to late round pick. Stetcher could also get us a 3rd or 4th. Depth is key come playoff time and 3rd pairing dmen have a bit of value this time of year.
  11. I would love to get rid of Baertschi's contract but not at the expense of Woo. He's a gamer and we don't have anyone else like him in our system. Miles Wood would be nice, but is he that much of an improvement on Roussel that he would be worth giving but Woo for? Not for me. Prospects I'd consider trading: Lockwood Palmu Perron Brisebois Gadjovich Utunen Teves Jasek McDonough Chatfield Focht Karlsson Sautner Malone Tryamkin
  12. Motte or Schaller and decent return don't go in the same sentence. Motte might get you a late round pick but I doubt Schaller is worth anything, especially at his salary.
  13. Saw this on Reddit and had to post for you Alf!
  14. I'm not saying he can't play in the league, but he isn't even a star in the KHL, a league that is slightly better than the AHL. It would be unrealistic for us to expect him to be anything but a 3rd pairing defenseman at this point.
  15. What if you didn't have to actually live in Edmonton though? I mean, it could be a lot worse. They have all those banners in the rafters, one of the most storied histories in the NHL for an expansion team, which includes arguably the greateast hockey player of all time. They also have arguably the best player in NHL currently. Maybe you don't have to kill yourself afterall Monty. But don't let me get in the way of your suicide
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