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  1. This. I haven't caught any Comets games this year. Can anyone speak to his defensive side of the game? The scoring is nice, especially in his 1st year pro. But seeing Pouliot at the top, coupled with Rafferty's age, I'm cautiously optimistic. Love Stetcher and his dedication to the team but that's a trade you have to make. Adds some much needed speed and another top 6 option. I don't think Stetcher alone gets it done though.
  2. Sure it was dirty but honestly, good for him (and us). The kid can stand up for himself. Back in the day, you'd got a cross check in the teeth if you took a run at the wrong player. All of a sudden they aren't running you anymore. Funny how that works... Not to say that's where the game should be going, but I have no problem with an offensive player standing up for himself. We're not talking about a Brian Marchment or Scott Stevens here.
  3. I wouldn't say it's impossible but so much would have to go right on our backend for that to he a possibility IMO. A more likely scenario (assuming we're in a playoff race) would be JB just rolls the dice and let's Tanev hit free agency. He can always try to re-sign him after the deadline and there's a number of other solid defensemen scheduled to be free agents as well. Although, I have my doubts that we'll be able to afford someone like Tyson Barrie.
  4. The thing is, we finally have some depth on the backend. But all of our younger defensemen still carry a lot of question marks. So I think we'd need to see one or two guys graduate from Utica and get Tryamkin over here if we're really considering trading Tanev. When healthy, he's our most steady, reliable defender (in his own zone). So Benning better be sure these young guys are ready before trading Tanev in the thick of a playoff race.
  5. Ya I mean, those are definitely valid points. We'll see how the season goes. I just have a hard time seeing Benning trade a healthy, productive Tanev if we're in the playoff hunt (again, hypothetical). That would be a bold move and Benning most definitely has not been bold! He'll have a number of hard decisions coming up with soon to be RFAs and UFAs. Players like Virtanen, Demko, Markstrom, Tanev, Leivo, etc. Benning also needs to think about the bonuses on Hughes and Pettersson's ELC contracts as well. We're already getting dinged for Luongo and Spooner. If we're con
  6. Probably one of the other options if you ask me. It seems like ownership is only concerned with the playoffs at the moment. So a lot would have to go wrong before we became sellers IMO.
  7. Tough to say now that we're actually trying to compete. If Tanev has a good (healthy) season, it will go a long way towards a playoff spot. Obviously that's a big if and many other factors would come into play, but how about this hypothetical: We're holding down 3rd place in the division at the TDL. Tanev has been healthy and had a productive year as a top 4 defenseman. Do you trade him? Do you let him walk as a UFA? Do you offer him an extension? All 3 decisions carry a lot of risk
  8. Where exactly do you think Brisbois ranks amongst Comets defenders? 4th? 5th? Let's temper our expectations a little.
  9. Granlund hustles and I give him credit for adapting his game, doing what it takes to be an NHL player. I'm sure Travis Green appreciates that, as he did that himself back in his playing days. But ever since Granlund's 19 goal season, he hasn't ever come close to looking like that same player. I for one was high on Granlund. He had a bum wrist in the year he scored 19 and there was no reason not to expect him to build off that year. But then he got lined up with Sutter and we all know there's a significant difference between him and Henrik. But things are changing and it's happening at warp spe
  10. I haven't watched any Utica games this year but this comes as a surprise to me. So much so that I wondered if this was a JB burner account Guillaume Brisbois, their crown jewel! I hope the guy pans out. He's the sad spawn of Eddie Lack. I miss the old days. Eddie backing up Lu, it was all fun and games. Then Lu gets traded, then Lack gets traded in a Lack-luster deal that CDC speculated over for what seemed like forever. What are we left with? Guillaume Brisbois. Management has talked him up for a few years now but his play on the ice hasn't seem to warrant it. Hopefully he's turne
  11. I hope so. Before camp started, I was very hesitant about penciling EP in at centre for us. I thought he was more likely to start out at wing and I thought Gaudette had an outside shot at 2C. I have absolutely zero interest in watching Granlund play 2C. He's a serviceable NHLer but I think it's time we stop considering him for a top 6 role. Gaudette will almost certainly be a more valuable player for us when it's all said and done. Let the kid play.
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