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  1. Next season they're gonna be screwed since they'll be $5mill over the cap with only 17 players signed according to Capfriendly: https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/lightning
  2. Just curious why there was no video on Tom Wilson's actions
  3. Just wondering who's the alternate captain in place for Sutter?
  4. Kucherov posted today on his Instagram himself at practice, which could be a sign he might return before the playoffs, thus his $9.5mill cap hit will also come back. What would Tampa do if he comes back before the playoffs?
  5. It seems like the "circuit breaker" is doing more harm than good, and increasing the number of COVID cases...
  6. 2011 was 10 years ago...why would they bring up the accusation right now? News about assaulting a women mostly is brought up right away, not 10 years ago...
  7. Found this Hyundai commercial with Nate Schmidt when he was in Vegas!
  8. The Flames forum probably took them away (like the Flames did with Markstrom, Tanev, Leivo, and Domingue)
  9. Wow I can't believe he sent you a sales pitch right after you explained the reason for cancelling your TV plan. I see the "Agent is typing...". What did he say afterwards?
  10. Hughes is currently leading the Canucks in points as a DEFENSEMAN! Yeah we sure don't need him! https://www.nhl.com/canucks/stats
  11. Any news on whether the BC restrictions will get extended or not?
  12. Just watched Crosby's OT goal that led to both DeAngelo and Georgiev's postgame fight. In the video at 0:05, notice DeAngelo was going to get the puck and had an open path to leave the zone, but Georgiev cleared the puck the other way that got intercepted by a Pens player that then led to the OT goal. I guess that was what made DeAngelo mad and start the fight...
  13. What's the joke and the "nice point" that Toffoli made that Luongo was referring to?
  14. Ilya Samsonov tested positive for COVID...no news on Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, and Orlov https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/capitals/report-capitals-goalie-ilya-samsonov-tests-positive-coronavirus
  15. Just curious aren't the players already interacting with each other during the game without a mask on? How is that different than interacting in a hotel room?
  16. Yeah I heard the Rio Theatre converted from a movie theatre into a sports bar. I think it's actually riskier to be in a sports bar than a movie theatre since there is more social interaction in a sports bar, and people get drunk. Whereas in a movie theatre, you stay in one spot and there is no social interaction. And people don't wear masks when their eating/drinking in a sports bar, whereas in a movie theatre, you would have to wear a mask...
  17. Just curious where does the NHL get the exact value of the fine of $3987.07 from? They could've just rounded it up to $4,000 lol
  18. Pettersson slashed Monahan in the chest but notice Monahan embellished by grabbing his face when his face didn't even get affected... And I'm surprised Pettersson has gotten fined after all the abuse he has taken in the past that weren't even penalties let alone fines...
  19. Why did the Canucks let him go again? He did well in his rookie year and won the top Canucks defensemen award that year
  20. Hamonic's number has to be #27 since that was what he wore during practice. It doesn't make sense to wear a number during the first day of practice, then immediately switch the next day
  21. JB also signed Rathbone and Hoglander to 3 year contracts in 2020, and they both also don't have NHL experience
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