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  1. 21 hours ago, RWMc1 said:

    We weren't shopping him last year. That is a false narrative perpetuated by media and CDC. Benning called him out and that was twisted in to he was being shopped. Except Benning went on record saying that they weren't trying to trade him and that he was just sending him a message. Virtanen worked harder in the off season and came in to camp in shape so it seems like he got the message.

    I think he was already walking on eggshells when Brock and Petey threw him under the bus before the season even started. They criticized his defensive game and as a result, I saw Jake focusing on the defensive side to the detriment of his offensive game. He started to round out his game and was playing better when the scandal hit.


    He's was on the wrong side of the popularity contest fans before the incident came to light. If you go back to the patrick kane thread, you can see how many people defended him; It's bizarre. He was accused of drugging and raping a woman.


    Speed size and skill. Some team is going to get a good player who can move up and down the line up.

    Are you actually friends with Benning? Because how do you really know? I've been seeing this a lot on this board lately, anytime there is a rumor now it's fake news all the time now? Like this is starting to get ridiculous and Benning is the only guy who tells the truth all the time? Again we don't really know if he was being shopped, but if you put the pieces together it really looks like he was, the rumor back then was teams were watching JV for his ice time, magically about 2 weeks before the trade dealine Virtanen was bumped up the lineup even though he never earned it but was rewarded, definitely seems suspicious for the timing and the rumor of ice time. Then there was also a deal in place with Anaheim, but couldn't come to an agreement, again rumors but there are people out there who talk to a lot of people and they do hear things, I'm definitely sure more than anyone on CDC. Benning said Schmidt isn't being moved either, so I guess that won't happen... And if it does, does that mean Benning can't be trusted anymore? 


    Regarding Jake and his future here, he sure didn't seem to care much until about the trade deadline when he stepped up his game a bit, he played like he was trying to get moved but majority of his play looked like he really didn't care and took a free paycheck. I always felt when Horvat last year yelled at him at practice that was the nail in the coffin, it was just a matter of time, but then seeing him not moved to Arizona got a little skeptical on what Benning was doing, then see today bought out good.

  2. 10 minutes ago, NHL97OneTimer said:

    Nobody wanted him apparently and that was before the news release on him.  That said, I don't recall the asking price for JV.  My hunch is that JB will find a deal for him but we may not like the return.  It is possible that he plays this season too.  All I know is that he's under investigation........unfortunately JV's history as a partier who brags about how the Canucks need him while he's drinking hard each summer isn't doing him any favours now but at this time he is not found guilty.

    Well yeah it depends on the asking price Benning was after for JV at that time, but this time it would of been to just get ride of if him especially if you really want to get ride of him. I have a hard time believing a team wouldn't want to take a chance on an ex first rounder in his mid 20's over a 7th round pick, heck even over Roussel.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

    He needs to be bought out by June 27 so Benning either has to trade him by Tuesday or buy him out.  He won't be back as a Canuck.  We have Garland and Dickinson in our top 9 now.  Virtanen's fate has been sealed here in Vancouver.

    Now that adds even more skepticism to me regarding it, my original gut was what you're saying he's done here I figured for sure his time here was done, but seeing what was involved in this trade I'm a little surprised a guy who's supposedly done with this team wasn't somehow involved in this trade. Which then has me thinking outside the box here a bit now and wondering maybe Benning is wanting to keep him now.... Obviously we will know more by the 27th then I guess. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

    The Coyotes might have taken him if not for the blowback they got after drafting Mitchell Miller last draft. I think their appetite for problem players is probably pretty low right now.

    Still think they would of taken him over a 7th round pick tbh.

  5. Just now, Alflives said:

    Jake will be bought out, and if he gets another chance in the league it will be on a US team (no press) and on a PTO.  

    Time will tell, but why buy him out when you could of probably traded him instead if you don't want him... That's the part that doesn't make sense, instead of a 7th round pick you don't think Virtanen could of been dealt instead... 

  6. 7 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

    I think you’re right. Virtanen’s salary is as good as gone whether he’s moved or bought out so that’s at least ant extra $2.5 mil so we’re getting pretty close. Jim did say he still needs to move some salary so probably Holtby like you say.

    Im skeptical on that one actually now, why wouldn't Arizona take him? If I was Arizona I would of rather taken him even with the crap going on over Roussel, unless Benning isn't ready to move him and maybe believes this situation with him will blow over eventually... I believe he could of been moved in this trade if they really were looking to move him or move on from him.


    Yeah he did mention of potential buyouts so it would only make sense if he can't move anyone....

  7. 7 minutes ago, CanucksJay said:

    Could we potentially sign Hughes game 1 of season after we put Ferland on ltir? He can't be offersheeted but that would mean he would miss camp and might be annoyed with Canucks brass? 


    Ferland is already on the IR his cap isn't against the Canucks that I know of.

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  8. In the end I do like the trade, no more Edler so I'll take OEL, no first round player well we got Garland who's NHL ready, and he plays like a top 10 so I'll take that, he is a little small does worry me a bit because one bad hit is all it can take, but he has some grit in him he's definitely no push over so that's good. Then the best part Eriksson is finally gone :frantic:, then moving a couple players who were taking up cap space and dealing with injuries, seems good, but then it gets interesting here due to players not signed yet.


    They have 18.7M roughly in cap space, but need to sign Pettersson, Hughes, Garland, Dickinson, another RD then decide if they want another center or Miller plays Center, couple bottom forwards. I would speculate Pettersson Hughes and Garland combined will be pushing around $15-20M in combined cap space, doesn't leave much to fill RD and Dickinson and other bottom guy and another center possibly.... I would definitely speculate buyouts soon or Holtby moved.

  9. 18 minutes ago, KariyaSakicAnderson said:

    LOL funny thing I wasn't a fan of the Hodgson or Virtanen picks. But I was a fan of the Podkolzin pick, though I also did like the Juolevi pick 

    Just saying I've seen this over hype train before around here, so trusting posters isn't the easiest :lol:

  10. 44 minutes ago, ohmy said:

    Did you even look at his deployment over the season or just strictly look at stats? Daniel Wagner tracked him extensively through the season if you want to indulge yourself. I've personally never overhyped him so I don't know where you get that from. Yet you either lack the knowledge of the player or just strictly trolling to garner a reaction which you achieved so kudos.  Is he a sure thing, no. Noone is because you have no idea what lies ahead for them. Should you be excited? Ya damn right you should be. The kid has a lot of traits you just can't teach. He'll only get better and I'm certain he'll be a fan favorite fairly quickly. Back your stuff up besides a Stat line. You SHOULD be excited about someone who tied for best EVER points in the playoffs for an under 20 player, who happened to be compared to Messier, who happened to be the captain of his Russian junior team, and who is driven to continue getting better. Get hyped or get left behind the wagon. I'm tired of this team being considered to have the worst fans in the league. We don't, but the loudmouth glass empty kids get all the play because Toronto loves it. If you look at this franchise as a whole then this may be the most exciting time ever to be a fan. And half of us will piss it away being cynical of it. I'm done with it. We are one or we are none. Canucks don't stray from the herd. Go Canucks Go!!!!!!!!


    I noticed you claimed I need to look more carefully next time, but you replied with this and you wonder why I would think like that.... Hmmm okay... Maybe you should take your own advice. 

    3 hours ago, ohmy said:

    Why don't you look at stats that matter instead of the games they played with Podz during the season. Podz outperformed Vey in a big way during the playoffs. More than doubled Veys point total and tied for most points ever of an under 20 player in the khl playoffs. So yes, there a lot of reasons to hype this kid. Look more carefully next time. 


    If you actually look up a couple responses you'll see you're taking the words I wrote right out of my mouth :lol:, excited is one thing over hyping is another. 


    Here have a snickers

    bean snickers GIF

  11. 57 minutes ago, Fanuck said:

    I hear you,  and there's nothing wrong with skepticism as long as there's context to frame it correctly. 


    As for prospects,  statistically speaking the fact is that the overwhelming majority will never be NHL regulars so you're skepticism isn't necessarily misplaced - by all accounts however this particular kid is gonna be a player. 

    Hopefully so, just saying though seeing a guy named Linden Vey scoring more points than a young stud prospect doesn't scream excitement :frantic:

  12. 14 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

    There is nothing wrong with being a skeptic, it works for the great state of Missouri. The biggest problem with over-hyping is the potential for people being unhappy with anything less. That said, I’m stoked to see what he can do!

    Being excited is one thing that I understand, but hyping him up to be this top 6 guy already before anyone really knows is not the right approach, putting those kind of expectations on a kid when his numbers haven't really screamed that yet, is not the right approach.


    But props to him in the playoffs this year, promising good to see. 

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  13. 25 minutes ago, KariyaSakicAnderson said:

    Sure Vey put up a few more points in the regular season than Podz but he also played several more games and more than double the minutes than Podz. Vey also put up 40+ back to back point seasons playing for CSKA. 

    But during this past years playoffs Podz put up more than double the points than Vey, 11 to 5, playing same amount of games. When the games mattered and when given a chance to actually play meaningful minutes, Podkolzin absolutely outperformed Vey. 

    We should be excited about him, he will be a beast. He will start the year on the 3rd line but given his drive, determination and character I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes the year playing along side Bo. 

    Definitely more promising by the looks of it in the playoffs so that's good, I'll acknowledge that, would almost be nice to see him play their 1 more year to see if the numbers would improve this upcoming year, by the sounds of how he played in the playoffs from you and others I would expect them to improve but it would be good to see tbh, but sounds like he will be here so I guess will have to see here.


    Just for the record guys who got hyped here and didn't work, before everyone starts jumping on me for being skeptical first, like I said Canucks fans have a record of this.


    Cody Hodgson

    Zack Kassian

    Jake Virtanen

  14. 1 hour ago, ohmy said:

    Why don't you look at stats that matter instead of the games they played with Podz during the season. Podz outperformed Vey in a big way during the playoffs. More than doubled Veys point total and tied for most points ever of an under 20 player in the khl playoffs. So yes, there a lot of reasons to hype this kid. Look more carefully next time. 

    So stats in a regular season don't matter anymore :ph34r: or regular season stats don't matter in your eyes when their not good enough :lol: go figure, ignore the bad and role with the good only gotcha. Hey Darren McCarthy I remember was good in the playoffs doesn't mean he was a superstar in the regular season :lol:, I'll acknowledge that Podz stepped up in the playoffs that's good hopefully that continues, but with any prospect you normally want to see consistency before penciling them in as a sure thing. Maybe next time you should wait until hyping someone up until they show consistency first.

  15. 1 hour ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    I think people are looking at his style of game and thinking that, if he eventually can be a top six player, that he could be a nice complimentary player to Petey, in a similar vein to what Burrows brought to the Sedin line.

    I'll agree with that type of statement, I think that's the better approach to take first, hopefully some fans can lower their expectations before hyping him up to be this top 6 already :lol:

  16. 4 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

    Most projections I see have him starting on the 3rd line. Nobody here is expecting him to have a rookie season as productive as Boeser or Petey. I think the hope is that, with better players around him, a smaller ice surface (which on paper should be a better fit with his game) and a coaching staff that actually gives a $&!# about his development, he could eventually become a top 6 player.


    Again, you need to look at everything in the proper context. His ice time, his linemates, his defensive vs offensive zone deployment, etc etc etc...

    No I understand that, I don't live in Russia so following the KHL isn't on the top of my priority list, and I get those things factor in. Just the hype I've seen here basically since he was drafted was he's going to be this top 6 player for the Canucks, and when he comes over he's going to be this beast, that's kind of how this fan base has sold him for a while, and I'm now starting to question that.

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