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  1. define being an asshole. if you match with someone on tinder and they say they want to hook up, how are you being an asshole? also what does reputation have to do with being guilty or innocent?
  2. well if that's the case then anyone with money better watch out because as soon as some gold digger decides you having your dick in her is unwanted 5 seconds after she said it wanted it is rape well then.... if things got violent, that's something else, but if consent can be taken away at any time lots of people are going to get sued.
  3. you cant consent to sex then change your mind half way through and call it rape. that's total BS
  4. MaplebeastsI See Demons!!!!! Joined: Oct 26, 2014 Messages: 15,796 Likes Received: 5,932 Trophy Points: 156 SB Cash: $ 100,000 Gender: Male Location: Barrie, Ontario Seth Jones is no good. Jack Eichel is the target. Maplebeasts, Yesterday at 10:35 PM 142 another gem from lefas hf boards, just what they nee
  5. when you're the top guy you are going to get paid no matter what. It's on him to decide what he wants to do, take the money or set the example and take less in order to build a stronger all around team and put winning first. that's just how it is in a cap world.
  6. home is where the heart is and if its not in edmonton then its just a house, an asset with value. and my whole point was part of the reason edmonton fails is because McDavid took too much of the pie for himself.
  7. I'm sure McDavid will be thrilled to hear that. just wait 4 to 5 years things will be better, oh and you will have lost 85% of the prime of your career.
  8. have to wonder what would have happened if McDavid took 10 instead of 12.5, or if M&M and JT took 9
  9. that's the perfect negotiation tactic, show them the oilers and leafs so they know what happens when you are too greedy, then show them colorado
  10. if you didn't read this post like the chorus of the song and in Steve Miller's voice then I cant trust you
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