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  1. I think he will. Rich pro athlete with questionable reputation flouts the rules while travelling across North America to make his millions. seems like the perfect target to make an example of.
  2. well, problem solved! VA GOP House of Delegates Candidate Asks, “Do you think the sea level would lower, if we just took all the boats out of the water?” | Blue Virginia
  3. Get Mr. PTO net front presence off the PP, blows 2 high end chances and is Looking for the backdoor pass with Petey in prime shooting position.
  4. lmfao so yamamoto can just hold horvats stick from center all the way to the crease but canucks get too many men when the oilers shoot into the shin pads of the guy changing. wow bush league refs are bush league
  5. If you have that intelligence and can prove it then target the source and don't worry about pissing people off in the process?
  6. If he wants that 10+ mil per year contract he needs to play 82 games. I would be happier with 75 points in 82 games than I would be with 70 points in 60 games
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