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  1. 4-3 Canucks Horvat GWG EP40 scores first goal vs Kraken.
  2. 4-3 Canucks Winner: Garland 1st Goal: Hughes
  3. I'm finished with this thread. Enjoy your authoritarianism . You people make me glad the Canucks have zero cups. Adios!
  4. That isn't a choice, that is coercion. You don't get to run the world either. You don't get to screw people out their god given right to decide what goes into THEIR body.
  5. Lets say these numbers are correct. I don't believe they are but lets just for arguments sake say that only 6,631 died from the vaccine. It wouldn't matter if there were 5 deaths out of the 351 million, you still don't have the right to force or coerce anyone into getting a medical procedure against their will... Period. If you think you have that right, you are a delusional authoritarian and a waste of skin. The feeling is 100% mutual. Enjoy what's coming.
  6. Oh wow, more name calling... I'm so shocked CDC website says hello. You haven't disproved anything. "Carry on."
  7. This is some twilight zone level stuff here. I have presented plenty of alternative and verifiable viewpoints and did so without attacking anyone... But because I defend myself when attacked personally for doing so, I have a victim complex... Unreal. You personally have not called me names but many others have and you want to give them a free pass while shaming me for defending myself. Okay . I have tried to present my opinions like a grown up, it's the people responding to me who are acting like children by throwing tantrums that consist of nothing but name calling, insults and ridicule... All because my opinions differ from the overall consensus. I'm not looking for sympathy... If that's how people want to act, they are more than welcome but I'm not being "condescending" by pointing it out. I'm just calling a spade a spade.
  8. I've made plenty of points... None of you can address them so you resort to name-calling and flippant remarks as you've just illustrated here.
  9. Translation: nothing you've posted is worth being taken seriously because I personally disagree with it and I'm too fragile to handle someone having an opinion that differs from mine so I'm going to justify ridiculing them with insults and name-calling until they "shut up" and refer to it as "reason." .
  10. Insults, name calling and ridicule are the marks of a tantrum. Nice projection.
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