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  1. Schedule for Pacific Division Teams....


    Vancouver 10 - 11 Away

    Las Vegas   8 - 10 Away

    Arizona       10 - 7 Away

    Coilers        11 - 9 Away

    Flems          11 - 8 Away


    ( I hope I nailed this / quickly done )



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    2. coastal.view


      if you want to know about the remaining comparative schedules

      you can google


      nhl strength of schedule remaining


      it will take some of the guesswork
      out of what you are really trying to figure out
      about who has the toughest finish to the season
      the nucks had the easiest strength of schedule for the first 60 games
      and hover in the lower 20s for the balance of the season
      they have had a very very easy go this season
      compared to some teams
      (however this does not factor in travel issues)
      i think the isles have the toughest remaining schedule
      which may explain why they were aggressive at the tdl
    3. Coconuts


      Hmm, Vegas should be able to win most of those games I think. Arizona's tough to predict but I think we can get at least 2/3. Edmonton will be in tough against Vegas while Calgary could go either way against most of those teams. 


      If we can win most of those games, especially against Arizona and Calgary we should do okay? 

    4. Herberts Vasiljevs

      Herberts Vasiljevs

      Calgary has been very bad at home. They're going to fall out of the picture.

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