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  1. I'd like to see Hog on the Petey-Brock line again and try them out more than just 1 shift. Move Gaudette down to Bo's.
  2. Has there been any updates regarding the warning Pfizer has for those with allergies?? With Moderna being approved, this gives those with allergies wary of the Pfizer vaccine another choice.
  3. Wearing a face mask now or end up wearing a ventilator mask?? I know which one I would choose. I think in hindsight, the government shouldn't have denounced face mask usage in the beginning in fear of supply shortage.
  4. oh damn 50 cases today, not really how we should be heading into the long weekend.
  5. I wonder what extra measures YVR will take when curve is flattened and travel is open again.
  6. Maybe we can adopt some of the Japanese system for the kids to do this. https://life.shared.com/tradition-japanese-schools-students-do-much-cleaning-called-o-soji-within-the-premises That is until a parent claims child labor
  7. First day back to school for students in South Korea.
  8. What a joke. Guess they care more about offending the CCP than the wellbeing of the world Bruce Aylward, Senior Advisor to Director General of WHO, was interviewed by RTHK. When he is asked about reconsidering Taiwan’s membership considering its good performance in tackling COVID-19, Aylward refuses to answer and hung up.
  9. Up to 14% of recovered patients test positive again Sounds similar to a report that came out earlier this month, not sure if this is being confirmed again. But scary if true.
  10. maybe that's why they have low numbers lol.
  11. the more the numbers rise in the US and Europe, the more it's obvious that the numbers we're getting from China are fixed. How is it possible that a country with population of 1.4B people have such a small number of cases/capita. Even if they locked down the entire nation, the numbers are still way too low.
  12. First time back into the office for today after working from home the past few days. Wish I brought a mask with me. The air circulating from the vent has been irritating my lungs ever since they opened up the ceiling and replaced something. I can feel my throat and chest tightening and tickling since this morning. Doesn't help the vent is right above my workstation. Also would like to rant about a coworker that just sneezed and coughed in the open air , just because there is only 10% of staff in the office to enforce social distancing doesn't mean it's now a free for all to cough and sneeze into the air all you want. UGH