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  1. FA doesn't owe us eff all, he can sell this team to anyone he wants tomorrow and still owe us nothing. Technically he can fire and pay everyone minimum pay and ice a team full of AHLers that meets the bottom line requirement set by NHL and there is still nothing we can do about it. Yea, vote with your wallet and protest all you want. But at the end on the day, the Canucks is a privately owned entity and if FA wants to shut entry to fans and only allow his business buddies to each game without violating any agreement with the NHL, he can do just that.
  2. Next day after vaccination update: Soreness in the arm has caught up, but bearable. Other than that, no other symptoms.
  3. Just got my first Pfizer jab, now doing the 15 min wait, the actual vaccinating took a whopping 10 seconds Edit: Heading home, dun feel a thing. The husband on the other hand is feeling the usual soreness
  4. Petey and Hogs definitely was a pairing I wanted to watch play....not just for a couple of shifts in a game. Maybe under new coaching staff.....
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