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  1. I just want a full consistent 60 minute game. None of this great 1st period, god awful 2nd, and 3rd with lifeless 55min and then waking up for the last 5 min crap.
  2. Just awful news, so young with such a bright future ahead. RIP.
  3. Maybe the plan from the get go was to split these back to back between demko and holtby, which is fine. But Demko stood on his head and got a shutout last night, adjust the plan and run with the hot hand. Holtby can start the Toronto game on Thursday.
  4. Good start and 1st, but the real test will be how they do in the 2nd.
  5. For those that have more knowledge on the covid vaccines, does anyone know more on the CanSino vaccine from China? Especially in comparison to Pfizer? Hong Kong just received their first shipment of Pfizer vaccines and is ready to be distributed in the next 2 weeks. Hoping to persuade my dad to take the Pfizer one instead of CanSino which is available right now.
  6. I still think our players are much better than this. Every new player comes in and becomes a shadow of themselves. I love my team, but if Green and his boys dun GTFO....I dunno how much I can still come in and waste my time game in and game out.
  7. I just finished watching last night's game. Play OJ on PK over Benn, he showed to be quite good at it during Edler's injury stint. Also, is there a need for Miller to be doing both PK and PP1?? If he needs to be on the PK, then shift him to PP2 have Pearson or Hog on PP1. Last game he was out there for all 2min of PP then followed immediately being on the ice for the PK. Wtf was that? who deploys the PK? one of your PKers was just on the ice for a full 2 min and you put him right back out there to PK??? Absolutely mind boggling.
  8. Green needs to take that time out and regroup the team with 10 min to go....instead we wasted the next 5 bewildered and scrambling
  9. WTF......... call a time out now!!! calm the team down, still 10 min left....WTF green
  10. So glad OJ is back in the line up, D already looks better with him there.
  11. With the condensed schedule, maybe Edler should get a maintenance day, Slot OJ in and spread out the minutes.
  12. Every year we bring in new personnel, and they all somehow turn into a shadow of themselves once they start playing for our team.......
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