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  1. Mbappe taking care of business in 2 min.
  2. World cup trophy and Golden boot slipping away from Messi's hands?
  3. Nah, me too. I just can't stand their style of play, over the top embellishments.
  4. Happy Wales got the point, good for Gareth Bale to score the PK, definitely not one of his best games.
  5. God Save the Queen RIP, what an amazing life.
  6. LOL at the integrity of Twitter being affected after this sale, when there's like a gazillion state controlled CCP mouthpiece accounts on there spouting BS and misinformation for years...
  7. I kinda wanna split up Miller and Hughes on PP 1.....so many times they keep passing to each other and end up losing the pass and it exits the zone...
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