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OMG Heat Wave?


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Let the heat wave begin!

After the cool, clammy swoon of June (June-uary to sad-eyed sun-worshipers) July is finally ready to turn on some real live summer heat.

Sometime Monday morning the clouds will part to reveal the UFO formerly known as the sun, making an opening appearance for a scheduled 14-day stay.

If -- and it’s often a pretty big if -- the forecasters get it right, nary a sprinkle will fall for a fortnight. It could be a sunny spell unthinkable during a June fit for ducks and umbrellas, not swimsuits.

The weather gods say it’s now safe to find the drawer where you’ve stashed the sandals and sunscreen, because by Friday fearless forecasters predict a sweltering 30 degrees.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/life/week+stretch+sunny+weather+expected+begin+Monday/3235433/story.html#ixzz0smMgh97F

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In Vancouver this is considered a heat wave...elsewhere it would be considered warm summer weather.

It barely gets over 25 let alone close to 30 or even above that. So this up coming weather will be considered a heat wave compared to what we have right now anyways.

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The problem with most Vancouverites is you can't find a happy medium. It has been grey skies and 15 degree weather for 3-4 days now and they keep complaining about the un-summery weather. Just watch, in 2 weeks time, everybody will be complaining again, "It's too hot, when will this end?" and I will be here facepalming. You can never go satisfied in life not finding a happy medium. It happens every summer and winter, Too hot, too cold, too mild. Guess what? It's Vancouver you've been living in this for years probably by now.

I think I am just angry because my perfect street hockey weather went away, on too the somewhat endless afternoons of sunscreen, frantically find shade and water and trying to score goals. :/

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And their "sleeves" that they wear when they drive!

Seriously. I have no words for their dedication towards being pale. Maybe that's the secret to Asian skin -- life-long avoidance of UV rays.

:lol: It's actually kind of hard to see through those mask things.

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