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OMG Heat Wave?


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The problem with most Vancouverites is you can't find a happy medium. It has been grey skies and 15 degree weather for 3-4 days now and they keep complaining about the un-summery weather. Just watch, in 2 weeks time, everybody will be complaining again, "It's too hot, when will this end?" and I will be here facepalming. You can never go satisfied in life not finding a happy medium. It happens every summer and winter, Too hot, too cold, too mild. Guess what? It's Vancouver you've been living in this for years probably by now.

I think I am just angry because my perfect street hockey weather went away, on too the somewhat endless afternoons of sunscreen, frantically find shade and water and trying to score goals. :/


Only rain during winter = sucks that there's no snow, rains too much, global warming, etc.

Snowing during winter = stupid snow can't drive now, too cold, global warming messing the weather

Raining during spring = too much rain, where's the sun?

Sunny during spring = where's the rain? I miss the rain

Cooler summers = where's summer? where's the sun? I want to go Mexico where's it's warm

Hot summers = too hot! I miss the rain. Stupid global warming. Can't wait to go to Mexico!

I'd swear, people would probably only be happy it's like 18 degrees, partially cloudy with a chance of rain.... year-round.


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This is the satellite image of the systems that will be heading our way and by the looks of things, NO systems are headed our way!

The big cloud arch near Vancouver Island is the edge of the jet stream and whats headed for us is that BIG PATCH OF NO CLOUDS and a HOT southern air mass.

This is looking very good for us!

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LOL at those visor things, my mother has one and it really doesn't impede with your vision that much. Carrying an umbrella I find a bit ridiculous though.

Is it going to be bad as last summer?

Wait till you're in Las Vegas, it's a freaking oven, 24/7.

I was there last year on the 4th July. GODDDDDDAMMMMMNNNN IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with you guys. For me, this weather right now is pretty damn perfect where I am. Sunny, but cold with a light breeze. So, I've always enjoyed the dry winter months and the past couple of weeks weren't too bad, either.

Anything above 25 starts to suck. :(

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I'm going back to BC soon and I thought I'd be returning to more manageable weather... It's in the low 30s right now in MTL and it's supposed to be like this for the rest of the week, but the humidity is killer!

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In Vancouver this is considered a heat wave...elsewhere it would be considered warm summer weather.

The thing about Vancouver and generally coastal cities, is that the humidity is far higher in Vancouver. Then say, kelowna. I lived in kelowna for 15 years, yes it gets really hot there in the summer ( I remember one summer it said 44 degrees on our outdoor themometer. My point is that 30 degrees in Vancouver with humidity will feel like 33 , 34.

A 30 degree day in Vancouver is far more uncomfortable then a 30 degree day in kelowna.

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