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Modern Warfare 3


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Huh, so this will be a direct sequel to MW2? I heard many rumours about it being a prequel to COD4 and that it would be Ghost's story. Glad it isn't though, never really liked Ghost.

Has anyone heard if there is going to be destructible environment? Can't stand those campers and would love to blowup the wall behind them for an easy kill.

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I will say that CoD4 probably was the best FPS in like.. ever. To the point it brought life back into the genre, really.

But I did like the fast crazy pace of MW2. I just wish they handled problems as they arose. And had slightly better maps. The maps of CoD4, the play of MW2, and the general gun balance of black ops would be pretty sweet. The thing I liked about MW2, even if some guns were way too strong, each gun felt and played different. In black ops, guns were balanced, but everything was too similar.

If they could only find a median.

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I wonder if they'll adopt some things from Black Ops.

Some quick notes...

- From Black Ops: Purchasing Weapons, Perks and Attachments via Cod Points

- Stopping Power? Not in Black Ops but has been in Mw series.

- I hope there is no Flak Jacket.

- Hopefully no Heartbeat Sensors. Those were terrible.

- One Man Army? I can live without it.

- I'd like to have Grenades and a Claymore/C4 or something like in Black Ops. Either or was annoying because I like having my Grenades but Claymores are good for SND.

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