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So, I may be moving, bros


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I believe you will be better off renting a van or a small Uhaul and moving it yourself.

You will likely find it is cheaper, plus you don't have to worry about someone else breaking your stuff and you know when it will get there because it will get there with you.

Lots of moving companies take their time moving goods as they pair small loads up with other goods moving in that direction. So you could be waiting a while for your stuff to arrive. If you want it to get there quickly, that will cost extra.

I have moved to Calgary, then to Vancouver, Victoria and now Williams Lake. Each time I moved it all myself as it was far cheaper than getting a moving company to ship it for me.

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Personally, if it was my stuff....I'd rent the U-Haul and drive it myself, so as to make sure that all my things are under the care of ONLY me.

Also, it's kinda like taking your stuff for a ride. They need adventure, too. Who wouldn't want a road trip with their TV? :towel:

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Don't go!

Seriously; it is worse than you've been told.

If you have to go, get your employer to buy you a monster 4x4 truck and move your stuff in that.

But really; don't go.

It's flat.





Winter is just getting started.

Why do you have to go?

Probably cuz someone else just can't take it anymore.

Hope there's some way you can get out of it.

Oh yeah, it's full of obnoxious Edmonton fans; Calgary fans too.

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Does Uhaul rent out vans? I was looking on their site last week and only saw the larger trucks, but that's because I was pricing them for my brother who is moving out this week. I'm not really worried about things being broken. It's just going to be a lot of clothes, a computer, a TV & Xbox, and a lot of junk.

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