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Failure In Coaching


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There is no excuse for AV and coaches to let the PP have a slump for so long. The guys need to shoot the puck more often, especially those one-timers from the point. Bieksa especially, always fakes a shot at the point and then make an useless pass. Shoot the puck and go for the rebound is the only way to make this PP work. It is senseless trying to make those cross-ice perfect passes without shooting the puck. You don't shoot, you don't score. It's that simple.

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The team didn't look too motivated last night. Seems to be a common theme with this group.

We all heard a lot of ......

"Oh its regular season....don't worry they will play hard in the playoffs"

"They're saving it for the playoffs"

heard that a million times the last couple months

If you can't get up for playoff games you might as well pack it in.

Its either the coaches or the "core" group of leadership who decided last night to embellish/dive and chirp and not actually play hockey.

Either way... we've seen this team play horrible games before and this was one of them.

Game 2 will tell us a lot about the "heart of a canuck"

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AV was not coaching behind the bench. He should have stopped the non stop marching into the box during the game. Raymond is always a useless guy on the top two lines but a useful guy on the 3 or 4 th lines. Move Lapierre to the top line and Higgins to the second line in game 2. Drop Raymond to the third line and Vancouver will have a more balanced forward lines.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but the players have to execute do they not? They've been getting chances but they aren't finishing.

Also, unless the coaches are deliberately telling the players not to shoot when they have a shooting lane or an opportunity to score...then it all falls onto the players shoulders.

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There is only one reason our PP isn`t clicking - our defensemen are not real PP quarterbacks.

Don`t gimme the Edler and Bieksa have this many points garbage.

Take a look at any other team, Philly with Timonen, Pitts with Letang, LA with Doughty or even Suter with Nashville. (And I say Suter, not Weber because other than not having as good a shot as Weber, he is better at moving the puck.)

If our D could pass the puck to a player without stopping it for a moment we would have more open shots at the net and play better, that`s why we succeeded last year with Ehrhoff and now without him, we have PP QB pretenders who can`t make the open pass or get the puck on goal.

Go home to anyone who thinks Edler is elite, LOL!

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After winning 3 games in the Chicago series last season, AV cancelled practice on the day before game 4 and not one of the players showed up in the game. After losing to the Kings last night with the team's play awful at best, Vancouver does not even have an on-ice practice for the whole team today. This city should know what to expect in game 2.

When Lapierre played well on the top line, he was put on the 2nd line where he had not spent any time through 82 games. Higgins was put on the 3rd line when the American line had become a constant threat to the opposition. The 4 th line AV put together vs the Kings never played before as a line. The defensive pairings are all new to the players when it comes close to the playoffs. I'm not so sure if this is the way to coach and win. All I see is there is zero chemistry among the lines and defensive pairings AV put together.

Time is running out, AV has to put Lapierre back on the top line, Higgins to the 2nd line and Raymond on the 3rd line together with the old defensive pairing in game 2. And I'd AV cannot stop Kesler and Lapierre wasting energy after the whistle, this will be a short series.

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I say AGAIN:

This is a failure in coaching.

If the Powerplay is not working, CHANGE IT.

Change the personel, change the setup, this should have been done two months ago when it started to have problems.

The current PP setup IS NOT WORKING.

AV needs to stop sitting there like a quivering fat faced chipmunk and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

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