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(Discussion) Bringing In Canadian Players - But At What Cost?

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Sorry if this was already posted, I searched and couldn't find anything. So I just wanted to share my ideas on some good Canadian kids in

Corey Perry and/or Ryan Getzlaf - Perry is a gamebreaker and does nothing but win. Getzy had a horrible year with potting only 10 goals when he could easily get 35-40 in other years, so his value may have dropped a little bit

Eric/Jordan Staal - Pipe dream

Patrice Bergeron - Not a chance we trade with Boston. Only chance we have at landing Patrice is if we sign him through free agency

Danny Briere - Getting pretty old at 34, but is still as clutch as it gets in the playoffs. (100 points in 100ish games). Maybe in a package for Schneider, but thats a HUGE maybe

Those are just a few. List some you think that we can possibly land and at what cost.

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