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The Real Reason The Canucks Lost

shawn antoski

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Johnathan Quick

now stop crying , and stop hating on are boys

we got beat by the the nhl's best goalie right now... simple as that

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For what ever reasons, the guys just didn't have the desire like they did last year. Where were those players that usually ramp up their game come play offs? Kesler most likely is still suffering as he did all season but what about Burrows, Higgins and Lapierre to name a few.These guys found that extra gear in the past that just wasn't here this round.

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1) The laissez-faire attitiude of this team and its coach and the total lack or sense of urgency is its number one problem.

These guys barely seemed motivated most the time. unexcusable. "saving it for the playoffs" ya right.

Every year playoffs turn into warfare and we built a team that doesnt like to wear it's work boots.

We need to make significent changes in the off season if we want to go deep in the playoffs.

This leadership core isnt getting it done.

2) Heart of a Canuck ?

I'm sick of seeing our star players get abused. Its hard to cheer for a team that doesnt stick up for itself.

we went out like chumps this year and both Duncan Keith and Dustin Brown destroyed the Sedins with zero retribution.

we were supposed to have Bitz and Kassian around to deal with that.

Brian Boyle was messing with Ottawa's star player and he got absolutely destroyed by Matt Carkner then Chris Neil, he wont be doing that again. That is the kind of response i want to see from this team, not facewashing. I thought after last year's Boston series we would never be subjected to watching our team get abused, like groundhog day all over again.

Lazyness lack of finishing checks, lack of urgency, lack of motivation , lack of physicality , lack of heart.

No one respects the Canucks and takes liberties on its stars at will.

Going to be hard for me to buck down next year on a season ticket share without this getting addressed.

Yappierre's antics are an embarrassment, Keslers diving etc...

2) Defense core ?

Edler -a truly horrific series, are you smoking kush on game days ?

Hamhuis, a terrible giveaway to think about all summer,

Bieksa ? ya we know you want a career in TV after you hang them up but how about less chirping more hitting next season,twitter quotes aren't that important.

Salo and Ballard were ok.

3) Forwards lack of scoring and hitting

No scoring, been a problem since last years playoffs w/Boston.

This team can't produce.

really noticed that no one was finishing checks last night accept Dale Wiese in the first period.

talk about a lack of heart considering your season is on the line.

Raymond,Malhotra bye bye. sorry guys but you're the weakest links at this point.

I'd like to see Manny stay with the club at some other level/position. Maybe he could be faceoff coach.

4) Coaching

Lack of motivation, lack of making adjustments, a PP that goes -3 etc....

i wanna see a guy back there that isnt the teams best friend but an ass kicker who can show some emotion back there once in awhile.

The 1st goal LA scores last night we have 4 of our guys standing in front of the net doing NOTHING.

Your season is on the line and you're not clearing guys and smashing them ?

101 boys, cmon that was pathetic. saw this all season long.

That goal right there really summed the series up nicely , so did the O.T winner.

Hamhuis pissing around makes a soft play/turnover....textbook, also saw that repeatedly by most of our D for the past 2-3 months.

We need 2 solid BIG Defensemen additions this off season.

guys that play nasty and clear the front of the net.

2 puckmovers and 4 monsters back there should be the formula.

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last year Kesler played on one leg and this year he was obviously still hurt from his hip, last year Higgins played the last three rounds with a broken foot, Burrows is just a clutch player, so if that isn't heart then you don't know anything about hockey

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Last season we vastly out-hit our playoff competition until we ran into Boston. We ran over Chicago. We ran through Nashville. And we absolutely hammered SJ.

This season we were out-hit in round 1. We lost. And this team was supposedly 'tougher.'

It's quite apparent that we should've had our expectations tempered this season. The rest of the league improved. We did not. Repeating trips to the finals is extremely rare and requires the injection of a hof forward or a league mvp to emerge. Cheers.


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Haven't really posted since last season's game 7 with the Bears...

I went to game 1 of this series vs the Kings, it started out all good right up to the first goal. After that everything went downhill, right from lazy sloppy plays to bad turn arounds to bad D to bad man on the point to bad penalties and to add more salt to the would, bad refs. The only person who really dressed and showed up for the game was Lu. I think most people will agree that game 1 was a complete disaster! After the game, I remember telling my gf that if nobody show up for game 2 besides Lu, we can prepare to stalk them at the golf course in about 2 weeks. Well, here we are now 2 weeks later talking about what went wrong and so on and so on... so what really went wrong this playoff season? I say two things; a bad last minute trade and the team didn't know it's the playoffs and show up till game 4.

What's more amazing then the Canuck's early exit in round 1 this year? The entire media from TV to newspapers to radio to forums like this jumping at the oppportunity to draw in audience with the pathetic talk about trading Lu and Schneider is the one, fire AV, fire Gillis, trade Raymond, and this and that. Well, can't really blame the media because they are what they are, the media, and that's how they stuff their pockets with money which is make whatever topic they can. But as a Canucks fan or hockey fan in general, shouldn't we do a little research first before shooting off on a message board? Yes, I know this is the internet, anything and everything goes and it's easy to sit behind a computer and do a 5 minute post of ignorance, sorry not intended to insult anyone, just my humble opinion.

Yes, I listened to all the talks on 1040, watched all the media talk and just finished watching Hockey Central. All I can say is, what a bunch of hyprocites and garbage!! Then I sit back and think, wait a minute they are the media!?! That's their job! Sorry you media guys, wish you guys record and replay your guys sessions from the beginning of the year till now, you guys could win an award for wasting many true Canucks fans' time.

Okay all you Lu haters! I am not a Lu fan, but here are a few facts for you haters or those of you who are just coming out of the cave in the world of hockey. There is still quite a number of years in Lu's contract with a no trading clause and it is a hefty contract. I don't think any team will be all hyped up to pickup this tab. And even if by some unimaginable miracle Lu is to be traded, Lu for Lecavelier is not a good trade, some of you know about hockey can do the math. In addition to that, Lu is the best goal tender we have since Captain Kirk and he did what he had to do during the regular season and was the only player who showed up in a Canucks uniform to play in game 1 and 2.

Yes Schneider is no doubt a good goalie and probably one of the best backup. But as a starter, that is still remains a question mark? We'll see when that day comes but I have a good feeling all of you guys who are kissing his buttcheeks now will be the ones dissing him the way you dissing Lu after he loses a few games and buckle up on a playoff run. Nevertheless, the best move would be trading Schneider, good value for the buck now and in return for a two way power forward that the team can fall back on. This is what the teams lacked in with the series vs the Kings when D. Sedin was not around. Just like some of you said, we want the Cup, the president's trophy is old news already. Plus, I am sure the Canucks will be fine making to the playoffs without a great backup.

As for firing AV? Obviously, someone got too much 420 on 420 Day? I don't know how those guys actually get a job on Hockey Central, really!?! Kyp? Really? Honestly, I think AV is one of the best coaches the Canucks have since Pat Quin. So going to fire AV for the players failure this season and take a chance on another coach and see where the next season leads us? Want to put your job on the line? If they screwup next season with a coaching change, you quit your hockey media job and work as the water boy behind the bench? Crap I don't think they have a waterboy behind the benches. Firing AV would be just as a bad choice as trading Cody away.

Well let see, we traded Cody away so what do we get in return? A few big guys who was supposed to help put some toughness as the team goes deep into the playoffs? Isn't that jumping way too ahead of a plan? When I first heard the news, I was like WTF?!! So now we are going to have to give up the 1/4 of the team to get someone like him back next season if things don't work out too well this season? Okay, sorry to say but trading Cody away was a terrible mistak by Gillis. However, on the GM's point of view, I am sure they think without Cody, other players such as Burrows Kesler Raymond etc will fill the void plus never came to their mind that what if Daniel is injured etc... the reasons goes on but in the end, Gillis will remain with the Canucks for awhile so no need to go chanting fire Gillis unless he brings in someone like Coutier!

Anyways, this season's playoff run was pretty much over after the 2 home ice lost. Yes sure blame it on some of the controversial calls by the refs in game 1 and so on, but NOBODY besides Lu like I said showed up in game 1 and 2. It's not about AV being out coached or the goal tending, seriously! If the D's are having a high noon tea while the Kings are using Lu as a target practice and the forwards thinking of what to do with their wives after the game instead of trying to score then the series is over before it started. It's really that simple. I think some of the big stars in the Canucks lineup should stop being so arrogant, appreciate the fans abit more, and go and find themselves during the off season. I don't care how much money you big juice monkeys make or how big your fan base is, but being a snob in every walk of life is not the way to excel in life, karma? I am not going to write a whole paragraph on this, but I think some of the Canucks players should start call up Trevor Linden there and walk down his road a bit. I can promise you that you will feel good and play good next season.

See you guys at the gold course....

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Actually, the real reason why the Canucks lost this year and in the Final was because of me. Yes, it's true. I wasn't able to watch at least one game, therefore we lost. I watched game 7 vs Chicago, game 5 vs San Jose, and one game against Nashville last year and they won all 3 series. Conincidence? I think not.

Truthfully, it because they couldn't score, plain and simple. That needs to be adjusted before next season.

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