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If The Canucks Were A Racecar


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Lamborghini's have not been in Formula 1 for years. Maybe FIA GT1, but they have not won a manufacturer's championship in years.

I understand the concern for the hockey club. It does seem to be a mix of players, but we really don't have an identity. Sounds like from Mike Gillis that's what he wants from his club. He want's to be skilled, younger, faster, and more physical.

He seems to want a more Philly, LA style hockey club not a Detroit style club. Interestingly enough, if New Jersey wins the cup it's a good model for Vancouver to follow. Never blowing the team up, just reload and draft great players. Young guys like Henrique and Larsson are adding to vets like Clarkson, Zajac, Parise. Kovalchuk which looked like a crazy gamble is turning out to be the clutch guy, and motivated forward. New Jersey has provided motivation to him and guys like Bernier, where as the Rangers can't even get Gaborik going.

LA also made a big trade landing Carter. It may very well be that trade and changing coaches is what got LA over the hump.

It also may mark the first time in years that a trade deadline deal would result in a team winning the Stanley Cup.

I still say, good drafting, getting lots of talent into our pipeline, and holding on to our picks if possible is the cheapest and best way to build a cup winner. Hopefully we can draft talent. Not headcases.

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