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Something else I forgot to mention is that I don't have a PS3. I am dying to give Heavy Rain a whirl; I'm unsure about Uncharted, but I think I will like it based on what I've seen. I will definitely pick it up if/when I get a Playstation.

How can I hate GTA/AC? I don't know. I know everybody loves them, but that style of freeroam game just doesn't do it for me. I suck at FPSs so I have never been able to get into online shooters. At some point I should practice, but I just have BF3 at the moment, and playing it online is just too ego-crushing, and playing it singleplayer is boring for me.

I will definately try Skyrim and look into QUBE.

I liked Portal, but mostly for the witty dialogue. I didn't find any of the puzzles hard, so I'm not sure how I'd react to a pure puzzle game.

I tried STALKER: Clear Sky but my savegame bugged and I haven't gotten around to restarting yet. I couldn't get into METRO - it seemed decent but I died a few times without saving and fell out of it. I'll give it another shot sometime this summer too.

I've watched somebody play through most of FFVII, so it's spoiled for me. It looked good though. I started FFXIII - another one of the few games that I liked but didn't finish. I hated the combat, but it was almost worth playing just for the art. I got a ways into disc two. I'm a big fan of HP Lovecraft - hence the love for Amnesia, FFXIII, and Mass Effect.

Keep 'em coming!

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I never liked any of the GTA, Assassin's Creed, or Battlefield either. GTA was just a world, with a bunch of side quests. Battlefield is just your typical shooter. There's too many of those these days. I couldn't get into Assassin's Creed but i clearly don't know enough of it to make a judgement. Played it for 5 minutes, couldn't really get into it.

Heavy Rains good, but you might as well play Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecies. It should be available for PC as well, also from the makers of Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is much better, but Indigo Prophecies uses the same sort of game play.

Tried hard looking for decent games, but it's difficult. Too many companies focused on making shooters. I don't like Shooters. It's all been done. I tend to like games with good stories. That's why I'm into the Final Fantasies . Looked for something more this gen, but it's hard. Have to go back in time to find some older games, but at the same time, have to consider that graphics might be so outdated that it'll look boring. Currently playing Persona 3 FES, and it's pretty good. Only 9.99 on the PSN store. Though, there's a save bug, so you might wanna be notified before playing it. 60 hours into it, and almost done. If you get a ps3, i highly recommend it because it's worth it's value.

Couldn't get into Skyrim because, like GTA. You could just roam and do whatever. Sometimes seem to lack purpose. Then again, I only played like 10-15 minutes, so who knows. Looks nice though.

Assuming your a steam user, because of the games you list. With the steam sale coming up soon, games I'd recommend are: Bastian a decent single player game. Terraria is a good small game to play with friends.

This is going to be ironic, but though i didn't like GTA, i did like a game named Bully, which is the same sort of concept as a GTA, but your a kid in a school. Also, L4D 1/2 are fun for the co-op. Yeah yeah, it's a shooter but seems to have more purpose.

I'm looking for Co-op games at the moment, to play with friends. Right now, I'm playing Saints row. I like to run around naked, but it's like a GTA. Hard to get into. It's the boobies and the lack of interesting games, that is causing me to give it a try.

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Diablo is overrated. If you want that type of game. Torchlight 2 will probably be more interesting, and it'll be out for the PC in a couple weeks i think. Probably be 20 dollars too.

I was never into any of the Mass Effect games. Dragonage 1 was really good, haven't tried the second one cause i heard it was awful. Is that any good?

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Oh right, and forgot to add.

Go try the Walking dead game series. Lots of character development, and you get to decide on a lot of things on your own. There's 5 chapters, but only the first one has been released. It's almost like a cheap version of a heavy rain type of game.

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Not sure if you played the second Baldur’s gate but it is even better than the first. If you haven’t tried it, you will end up sinking a lot of time into it but it is all worth it. Amazing game.

Ya any of the final fantasy are a good choice, my favorite are 6 and 9.

If you are looking for a story driven puzzle game that’s new, Catharine wasn't bad. Interesting story and some cool puzzles.

Most of those should be pretty cheap any where you look.

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@Spyrocks: Catherine is on my list to try - I'm mainly a Steam user, but I'll be in town soon and I'll snag if from Gamestop if they have a new copy.

I loved BG2. I'm not sure why it's considered the genre standard (it is very flawed), but it was an excellent investment of time and money.

@Rey: If you don't expect Dragon Age 2 to be exactly like Dragon Age 1, you probably won't be disappointed. I loved them both equally, but quite a few people didn't. I don't know whether you'd like it, but it's worth a shot for what it costs now.

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