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Best Nachos in Vancouver?


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or really hung over! I'll admit 7-11 nacho's loaded with cheese and chile are the perfect hang over food.

I know you said Vancouver, but if you are ever in the Langley area i would suggest a pub called the Townhall Public House. Their nacho's are amazing, they actually layer the toppings and cheese on as they build it, instead of just piling it all on top.

Classic Nachos ~ $16

Corn tortillas baked with a blend of cheddar monterey jack and mozzarella cheese, topped with jalapeños, black olives, tomatoes and green onions

served with sour cream and salsa.

Holy Guacamole! ~ $2 / Chicken Breast ~ $4 / Ground Beef ~ $4


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BC Place Nachos always go down well at a Lions or 'Caps game!

Yummy, corn tortilla chips... liquid, orange, spicy, cheese-like product... salsa from a bucket... all served in a lovely, plastic tray for only 6 bucks!

Seriously, though, Las Margarita's nachos are pretty sweet. My wife insists that we drop by every time we are in town to pick up some of their tortilla chips and a little bucket of salsa.


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The foundation on main has good vegetarian ones, and there's Elwood's on broadway

I don't understand how any of you could like nachos from 711 or and arena w t f. If eat that nasty processed cheese or chili ill be sh!tt!n side ways. I bet it's not even 50% wholesome ingredients.

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