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Canucks have 2yr/$12 million offer for Doan

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I don't believe he is worth that much.

IMO 2 years @ 8 million.

* but that obviously isn't going to happen so 2 years @ 11 million.

^ We're lacking a true powerforward and Kassian won't be an impact player for another 2 years min. We should go all in...

* this "source" is a jay ;)

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I'd be happy to have Doan for 2 years at $6 million.

Would be great to have him here at the close of our window to put us over the top for what could be our last push.

I see him re-signing in PHX though, but i'd be stoked to see him in the blue and green.

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Just for fun:

@HockeyyInsiderr: NHL source has #CONFIRMED me #CANUCKS have 2 year 12M$ offer ON THE table for #DOAN >> Ball in your court Shane.

@HockeyyInsiderr: Source: Despite the MONSTER offer from the #NHLJets Doan is leaning towards signing 4 year deal with #Coyotes. (less $$$)

@HockeyyInsiderr: Source said: If negotiations continue like they are now expect Doan to sign with #Coyotes Monday or Tuesday.

@HockeyyInsiderr: Hearing as of right now negotiations between Doan and #Coyotes are in the ballpark of $5M per year.

@HockeyyInsiderr: As of right now hearing Doan is considering #Canucks and #NHLjets but is as good as re-signed with #Coyotes. We'll see if he changes mind.

@HockeyyInsiderr: On the #Habs, my source just #CONFIRMED Budaj has NOT been traded to the #Canucks despite his sticks being in Vancouver. That's all.

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