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I am mainly interested in Sports and Music (surprise, surprise) and from these genre's I really like biographies and autobiographies.

For Sports, I am interested in Hockey and football first a foremost, but have read a couple books outside of those, including my all-time favorite book, Moneyball.

For Music, I am most interested in the Grunge Era. But am open to other era's (providing I like the music).

Books I've read (off the top of my head):



The Blindside

Friday Night Lights

The Game by Ken Dryden

The Waterboy

The Riddle of the Russian Rocket

Out of Control: Confessions of an NFL Casulaty (Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson)


Scar Tissue

None Too Fragile: Pearl Jam & Eddie Vedder

Grunge is Dead

a few others I'm drawing a blank on

Plus a handful of books on football coaching/leadership/strategies/drills/ect...

Having read Moneyball and The Blindside, I have come to really love Michael Lewis' writing style. It's a shame he wrote most of his books about Economics.

You can see what I like, suggest away!

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Slash's autobiography is great. Marilyn Manson's Long Hard Road Out Of Hell is a great read whether you like him or not. Motley Crüe's book.

Sports - James Duthie's book is entertaining, as are Don Cherry's Hockey Stories and Stuff and Al Strachan's I Am Not Making This Up.

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Might give that a true. As a Bruins fan I'm sure my dad has it already.

Slash I would definately check out. Manson I'm not so sure.

Something about media/broadcasters writing books makes me worried that they will just be filled with what we read/here from them on a regular basis.

If you're interested in statsics and that side of sports, Moneyball is a must-read.

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"Playing With Fire" By Theo Fleury.

Really really dark book.. He writes about how he was molested by Graham James, how much coke he did, what was going on in the NHL back then with the players and how he almost ended it all.

One of the best life stories I've ever read, lots of respect for the guy. Its not the best book but its my favorite book, +300 pages of deep stuff.


After you finish that I suggest you watch HBO's documentary on it.

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