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Greatest last track on an album


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Song - Band - Album

Damage, Inc. - Metallica - Master of Puppets

The Outlaw Torn - Metallica - Load

Inside Job - Pearl Jam - self titled

Black Gives Way To Blue - Alice In Chains - same song title

Would? - Alice In Chains - Dirt

Echoes - Pink Floyd - Meddle

Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson - Bad (some cds list Leave Me Alone as the last song but that was a bonus track added later on)

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Recently? I couldn't get enough of Outsiders, on Franz Ferdinand's 2nd album.

A few Tom Waits closers that always give me chills/closure:

- Anywhere I Lay My Head - off of Raindogs

- Fawn - instrumental that closes Alice...one of the most beautiful instrumentals I've ever heard

- The Day After Tomorrow - from Real Gone (this is ignoring the useless hidden track after it)

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden on the Powerslave album, s**** EPIC!!!!

Also, Under the Sun off of Black Sabbath's Volume 4 is pretty bad ass!

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Guest Gumballthechewy

Following up on this

,"The End" by The Beatles off Abbey Road, which was the last song ever recorded collectively by all four Beatles

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Guest Gumballthechewy

As "Her Majesty" was only 23 seconds long I never really considered it a song...but I guess technically you're right, even though it is barely a snippet, it still counts as a track on the remaster.

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