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Thoughts on #36? Jannik Hansen


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The 2004 9th Round Pick out of Denmark has been with us for 4 seasons now. I've always loved his game, he's fast, physical, and can shoot/pass. Never takes a shift off.

2010-2011 // 9G // 20A // 29PTS // 82G

2011-2012 // 16G // 23A // 39PTS// 82G

Will Hansen always be a third line winger?

Career 40 point player? 20 goal scorer?

Where is his peak? Can he pull of 25 goals this year? 50 points?

Regardless, if he can stay at last seasons rate and giver' come playoff time I hope we never deal him.


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Hansen is one of my favourite Canucks. I mean, how can you not love the guy? He is young, affordable, he works his tail off every single night, and he seems to be about as low maintenance as you can be.

He, as others have stated, has had flashes of great play, but, he needs to find a way to put a few more of his chances in. It would be tough to put him into a top-6 role, however, not because he couldn't do it, but, because he is too good as a grinding winger.

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One of the best third line players in the league without a doubt.. He can hit, skate fast, defend against any forward on the PK, can play on any line, and even chip in some decent points...

He can do it all, and he is STILL considered underrated... One of the best overall players on our team, and we are lucky to have him...

I nearly crap myself when people suggested we trade him in the Luongo deal.. Just idiotic...

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