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If its a shortened season, should the nucks tank it?

Lui's Knob

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What a terrible idea.

-The team isn't getting any younger, so why waste a precious opportunity at the Cup while we know we can win.

-Why would you tank for a short season, but not for a long season?

Tanking is embarassing to sports and competition in general. Players, fans, owners etc. have something called pride. Teams don't tank even when they're out of the playoffs near draft pick territory, so it would be insane to do it when you have a legit chance at the cup. If the Canucks tanked for a whole year, even though we're contenders, I would quit watching the team. I'm not gonna waste my evenings watching a team that is making no attempt to win whatsoever. And I'm definitely not gonna shell out 70+ hard earned dollars to go watch a game. If the Canucks tanked for a whole year, you would start seeing a lot of empty seats at Rogers Arena.

Thankfully the Canucks aren't actually insane, so this will never happen.

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