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Christmas Wish List


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I honestly don't have one. I stopped getting presents long ago, by request. The people in my life simply can't afford to go out and buy stuff, so I just want us to be together/happy. Sounds corny, but it's the truth.

My daughter's had a rough couple of years, so my wish is that she finds happiness. She's on her way there (currently is in Disneyland with a friend), but I don't really get satisfaction out of material things...I like balance and harmony in my life and am wishing for that.

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I'm with Deb on this one.

My wife and I don't need a Christian holiday to have to purchase stuff for one another. If I feel like buying her something, I do. I don't need X-mas or Valentine's Day or her Birthday to do so.

But, as long as you are asking, I wouldn't mind a couple of new Dualshock controllers for my PS3, some Beatles TAB and a truckload of Bud Light Lime.

A hug, a kiss and an, "I love you" from my wife and a meal prepared by us together would suffice, though.


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1. A new iPod Touch, my old one, an iPod Touch 2, I had it for 3 years before it broke down this year in October because I dropped it in water :(. 3 years was a great time for me and my iPod but I'm looking for a cheap new one.

2. A Trip to Whistler, I haven't skiied since last January and skiing is one of my favorite things to do in the world (like Armada!) and I really really want to go over to Whistler maybe with a couple friends.

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Dogs are bad presents, a lot of the time they get given up cause the receiver realizes they cant handle him/her and theres another dog in a shelter.

Times are tough these days, some luck in the form of some $$$ would be excellent, and...


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1. The guy I've been pining for

2. Some cash from my parents... so I can add to my heels collection! Unless my family and friends wanna just purchase some for me instead!

3. Drivers & firearms license (These I can achieve on my own but a little wishing helps too :P)

Already have pretty much everything I want so there's nothing major on the list this year.

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