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Music of 2013


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Discuss music of 2013, and the like.

Outside of someone requesting it should be made, I mostly just did this so I could talk about how disappointing the new Yo La Tengo album is. Because, outside of Ohm, and especially Is That Enough, is just awful. I've given it a few gos, and I'm going to try maybe just skipping the 2nd song going forwards because it sours me, but really, it's nothing to write home about at best. Worse than Popular Songs, which is an album that seemingly no one but me liked, and probably the worst Yola's since... New Wave Hot Dogs, like 25 years ago. Or the Condo's album or Murdering The Classics, but I don't count that.

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Let's see, what looks good on the horizon

- Eels, don't know what to think about that. It's been a while since they've been very good.

- Frightened Rabbit!

- Jim James

- Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

- Low (produced by Jeff Tweedy!)

- Wavves has a hip-hop album coming out in March

- Azaelia Banks

And a lot of terrible artists doing their annuals, Gaga, The Biebs, Katy Perry, Cher's coming out of freezing to moan something out. Sure more will trickle through as we get closer, and I'm almost certain there's a Radiohead album coming, which would be neat if nothing else.

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you would think New Order and Modest Mouse are due. I keep hearing about both bands being in the studio.

As for the Eels not being very good, i thought 2005's Blinking Lights & Other Revelations was great. And their album before that Shootenanny! is my favorite Eels album of all time. Its true their last two have been disappointing, but i still have a lot of hope for E and the crew.

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That's more where I am with Eels. Blinking Lights was the last time they were decent, but that's behind Hombre Lobo, End Times and Tomorrow Morning. I do still have hope, Electro-Shock/Daises era Eels was amazing, but he seems to be all like 'waah, my wife left me and now I release everything I write indiscriminately'

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Albums I'm looking forward to:

Ashley Monroe- Like A Rose

Gary Allan- Set You Free

Randy Houser- How Country Feels

Darius Rucker- True Believers

Also new not yet titled albums from:

Justin Moore

Thompson Square

Scotty McCreery

Kacey Musgraves

George Strait

Keith Urban

Brad Paisley

New Singles:

Jake Owen- "Anywhere With You"

Carrie Underwood- "Two Black Cadillacs"

Miranda Lambert- "Mamas Broken Heart"

Florida Georgia Line- "Get Your Shine On"

Lee Brice- "I Drive Your Truck"

Easton Corbin- "All Over The Road"

I'm also expecting Jason Aldeans "This Nothin' Town" will be released at some point.

So yeah, high expectations for 2013 in country.

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Quite a few (potentially) good releases early in the year.

Some notable bands with stuff coming out early on in the year:


- Dropkick Murphys (do people still listen to this stuff?)

- Solange

- A$AP Rocky

- Christopher Owens

- Yo La Tengo

- Ra Ra Riot

- Say Anything

- Joy Formidable

- Toro y Moi

- J Cole

- Tegan and Sara

- Ducktails

- Local Natives

- Pere Ubu


- Eels

- Kris Kristofferson

- Frightened Rabbit

- Foals

- Millionyoung

- Veronica Falls

- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (!!!!!!)

- Beach Fossils

- Iceage

- Mark Kozelek

- Doldrums

- V/A Rogues Gallery 2

- Johnny Marr

- Sally Shapiro

Later, there's stuff from:


Queens of the Stone Age

They Might Be Giants

The Knife

Black Sabbath


Neko Case

Pantha du Prince

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Arcade Fire

Bad Religion


Atoms for Peace

Lady Gaga

countless more yet to be announced.

SHOULD be stuff from:

My Bloody Valentine

Modest Mouse

MF DOOM / Madvillain

MF DOOM / Ghostface collab

MF DOOM / Freddie Gibbs colab

Wu Tang

GZA "astrophysics inspired album"

Deerhunter / Atlas Sound / Ghetto Cross / some Bradford Cox stuff

No Age

Broken Bells

The National (maybe?)

TV on the Radio

Primal Scream?

Stone Roses?

These New Puritans (whatever happened to these guys?)

Sufjan Stevens

Modest Mouse (they've been "recording" for like almost 2 years now, it seems -- not really a good sign)

Joanna Newsom




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Personally, I'm super, super, super excited for Christopher Owens' album. Looooove everything Girls did, so how could this be bad?

Have high hopes for Ducktails (I'm a big fan of Real Estate), and Toro y Moi as well. Yo La Tengo is consistently good, but am yet to give their leaked album a listen. The Knife's first album doesn't do it for me, but Silent Shout is seeeeriously brilliant. High hopes there, too.

Veronica Falls, Iceage, and Nick Cave will put me on the brink of suicide in Feb, for sure. Don't expect much, but I'll check out Kristofferson's album as well. Sally Shapiro is neat too.

Really hoping Madvillain comes out with new stuff. Want new Arcade Fire, TV on the Radio, and will this be the year Modest Mouse and MBV finally come back? pls say yes, bb.

Morbidly curious about the new Black Sabbath and Tool, if they're actually released.

Won't take much to beat 2012, but so far 2013 is looking... promising.

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new Toro y Moi is out, and it's just okay. I mean, it's good if you like his style... but his hyping it as being this total pop record... sorta fall on deaf ears for me. Just sounds like more of the same. In fact, it sounds like a total blend between his first two albums, and not some 'pop progression' or whatever he said it would be.

Pretty good, but nothing stands out as being great or something. Could be a grower though.

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for those who like hip hop, Classified is coming out with a new album that is out January 22nd.

for those who haven't heard of him, he's quite good. undergroundish, but still known.

Never heard of him but I like that first song quite a bit. Going to have to try and remember to keep an eye out for his new album.
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Vampire Weekend's third album is influenced by jazz, Bob Dylan and The Clash according to Rostam Batmanglij.

09216_145907_vampireweekendPMVH.jpgThe multi-instrumentalist spoke to Uncutabout the forthcoming album, the US band's first since 2010's 'Contra'. Discussing the influences and sounds the band are creating, Batmanglij said: "The goal was to use organic sounds and put them in a context that you might not have heard before. It's certainly darker and grittier than 'Contra'. A lot of these songs are about conflict. They're about the choices we can make, being able to do what we want with our lives."

He added: "With 'Contra' I was interested in a kind of arty, '80's New York sound, but this album goes deeper. It gets into the '50s and some of it sounds like jazz, but broken down into its most basic elements and played in a very simple way. It's more of a subtle kind of complexity and there's an intimacy to the performances, both vocal and instrumental, that are very special. I think the sound of the piano is central to the record."

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funny, just been listening to vamp weekend for the first time in ages this weekend. really enjoyed both their albums, which is new for me, as i never was fussy about their second. excited to hear this.

also re-listened to toro y moi, much better than i had given it credit for.

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