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The Calgary Flames Thread - 12/13 Edition

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Well considering that they got these points playing exclusively on the 3rd line with no PP minutes, Im not concerned one bit.


Your top 6 forward has a whopping (with PP minutes) 5 more points than Higgins and 9 points on Hansen.

Now if they get 2nd line minutes like Glencross, I have no doubt they match or better those stats.

Again, with or without Kesler, our top 6 is and will be superior to anything the flames assemble. Our top line alone could win us games so no worries here. ^_^

Take out a player of Kesler's calibre on your team ??? Tanguay? lol and your team looks no different from an AHL lineup.

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I apologize on behalf of my fellow Canuck fans.

Some of them are truly ignorant.

They do not like to admit the Flames might actually be decent this season

Remember every team's fans are naturally biased towards their own team, so take what they say with a grain of salt.

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Realistically this being a total drag race season Kipp may lead your team into the playoffs regardless off the lineup. The fLAMES may actually surprise some teams this year. I think minny is gonna be a total bust even with the 98 million dollar babies they signed lol. That being said the SHames should start the rebuild now, make some major moves and work through the bugs now. Next year would be so much brighter but Feaster is a total loon IMHO and will bury your team for years to come.

BTW mad props for sticking it out in enemy territory for so long. :ph34r: I was on the fLAMES board for a few years but the heat was literally unbearable lol

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