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Players reaction to Kass!


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Who was taking this video? It's insanely close..

Also yeah, you can tell Burrows doesn't give a sh!t about Kassian's tenure with the Sedins so far. He just wants the Canucks to win. <3 Burrows.

I'm actually quite happy with having Burrows on the 2nd line for now until Kesler gets back, our 2nd line needs a scoring threat and a veteran presence.

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Any goal is a real goal whether it goes off your ass, your skate, your head, your stick, etc. As long as the puck goes in without any illegal hand contact or kicking motion, a goal is a goal.

It's like comparing a sweet snipe shot to a dirty garbage goal. So you're saying that shooting the puck towards the net and hoping that a rebound pops up for the garbage/cleanup goal isn't a goal as to a snipe from Daniel Sedin?

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The 2 goals I've watched from Hodgson so far were:

1. The guy had a breakaway, poked a puck off the goalies pads and lost it. Hodgson skated in and shot it into an open net with a goaltender already down.

2. The puck basically bounced in off of him.

Yeah... Kassian has actually gotten goals so far (he DID have the Sedins, but still)

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