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This season was wasted with poor coaching and horrible management. Not since the Mike Keenan era have I seen such an incompetent job. They need to have clearly defined roles for the players and inject youth and truculence. One of Schneider or Edler needs to be moved for an equal age talented forward that can play with Kesler. I hate to go there but Mike Gillis made a horrible decision to trade away Hodgson not trade Schneider and get a couple players that would of had an immediate impact on this current core group. I really believe those decisions held this team back for 2 critical seasons with this core. Can only hope we can retool this summer but with no trade able assets, young emerging talents and cap space we will probably watch an aging group start failing more and more.

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1. This team has 4, count it 4 regular season losses, a quarter way through a shortened season and people are talking about overhauls. This, along with the ridiculous comments being posted left right and center, after last nights loss explains alot why players like Lou want out, the rest of the leagues fan's think van fans are idiots, and this 30 yr canuck fan realizes how adolescent the majority of Van fans have become.

2. Any changes the nucks need are not as a result of bad coaches, one loss, etc. They are simply tweeks to get this team ready for a run for the cup.

3. Do we need tweeks, of course, every team does. But can this team as is make a run, yes it can, it is arguably better than the 2011 team and just needs to get hot at the right time. I wouldn't want to be a Chi fan right now, yes they are hot but they can't keep this up...if anything LA proved when you need to get hot is not regular season, its going into the playoffs.

4. Minor tweeks, yes. here they are

a. Move Garrison to the third pairing until he is comfortable in the system. He is a good player but having a tough time adjusting. Appears as though this is common with FLA players (Booth still finding his role etc).

b. Move Garrison off the pp with Edler. Both are shots. Garrison should be the shot on the second. Edler and Hammer on first pair, Garrison with Tanev on the second. (or Bieksa).

c. Move Kassian back to the second or first line. He is going to be there in playoffs, its time to start getting him ready and let him play his game. If he is with the Sedin's he knows his role, and we all saw what that showed, terrific play, fighting, hitting etc. You move him around and he gets a bit confused as to how he should contribute. That being said, I was happy with his response last night on the hit on Tanev, Tootoo is a feline. And I'm even glad he took the chirping penalty. He is getting mad, and let him. Thats when he's at his best. AV must stop trying to 'perfect' him, and just let him play his game. It's ok if he's on the third if they can get some chemistry going, but he is a BIGGER part of the solution here than many realize. We need him to play the game we traded him for. AV must allow that to happen, not reign it in. He brings emotion and tenacity.

d. Make the Lou trade soon. Not that I think having both goalies isn't a great luxury, but its affecting both goalies whether they like it or not. Goalies need to get into a rhythm, play a string of games. Yes its good to keep both sharp, but its also mentally draining to deal with the" am I in tonight, am I not". Moroever, a trade needs to bring us a third line center who hits and brings emotion and grit. Right now that is what this team is lacking. Size and aggressiveness. Now as I said, Kassian can bring that, but we need one more for the playoffs. Get us a first rounder with that player and we're set.



Higgins/Kesler/Schroder (give him the marty st. louis role on this line)

Raymond/New Center/ Booth

Weisse/Volp Lappy / Hansen

all of a sudden, each line has size, skill, speed, and grit (other than the fourth which is a terrific checking line).

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