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GIllis after hours


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if he actually had a trade he was happy with for Luongo, then taking back some cap would actually be a no brainer.

Like if Florida offered

Weiss, Petrovic, 2013 1st, as long as you take upshall, Gillis would be an idiot not to take that...

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what do yo mean "by where he is?"

you mean a GM?

well look at Mike Milbury...

Craig Patrick...

MG already showed he is capable of making stupid moves...Coho trade.

or do you mean only smart people get good jobs and selecting someone for a job is only about how intelligent they are...look at George Bush Jr...

so what are you talking about???

Gillis also just called Feaster a great GM- anyone who does that loses credibility.

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i thought the most interesting thing he mentioned was how canuck fans are the most never satisfied with their team...always wanting players traded, people fired....i agree with him...there always has to be a whipping boy...i root for everyone on this team...i can be critical of play without throwing people under the bus....i can't understand some people. are we as people perfect at all times?

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Gillis is a steady, thoughtful person.

If he adhered to the many suggestions posted on CDC, most of this team would be traded for plugs, fired, or sent to languish in the minors. I'm glad to hear him taking the long view.

5 years, 2 President's Trophies, 4 NW division Titles, 4 playoff appearances (won 5 series, lost 4), Got to SCF game 7.

Gillis is right, we have a lot to be happy about as fans.

He is icing a competitive, entertaining, and talented team every year.

As a footnote, I wasn't a fan of the Hodgson trade, but the jury is still out on that one. I don't think it's akin to the Cam Neeley trade in scope and caliber though. But I can live with not liking every move MG makes.

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Gillis says he would be happy as a fan with the success the team has had in the last 5 years. Well Gillis that works both ways, lots of people would love to be a GM of a team that can spend to the cap and gets tremendous support. Gillis whines he's so hard done by dealing with the media and the fans whine about the performance of the team.

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