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Butthurt Flames Fans on Calgarypuck


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It might be petty and vain...but I enjoy a little Schadenfreude reading the post-game thread on the Calgarypuck forums.

It makes me feel happy in my pants to watch the Oilers (who Flames fans ridicule often) tune the Flames hard 8-2, and even happier to read the various tantrums of the butthurt Flames fans who secretly wish that the Oilers players they hate so much were on their roster.

I recommend checking it out, some of their comments are absolutely crazy, even by internet forum standards.

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I have been on CDC a long time, and I have read some crazy things.

However, Calgarypuck is far more offensive than anything I have ever read on CDC.

The fans there followed the Canucks during their Cup run in 2011, and it was nothing but post after post of hate-filled swill mixed with ill will and constant diving accusations. There wasn't a page without some fan wishing career-ending injury on the Sedins or Kesler, or other hate filled dribble that was completely baseless and inaccurate.

I don't feel bad for that team or its fans. Even tonight some Flames fan posters commented on how they wish they could take Yakupov's head off because he (...wait for it...) smiled and had his hands in the air after scoring his second goal.

I hope the Oilers continue to pound the Flames into the ground for years to come. I am not an Oilers fan, but I can appreciate the skill of talented young players.

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