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  1. I think its tricksy to arbitrarily ignore years of a failed rebuild so that they can rip on another team's rebuilding process (to draw attention away from their own futility.\)
  2. But they didn't. The leafs were already rebuilding for years and then arbitrarily reset their rebuild. They pushed that story around the time the Canadian media was dumping on the Canucks. And they were dumping on the Canucks in order to sell the reboot reset to Toronto fans.
  3. Our account ages and posting frequency are eerily similar. Hello fellow slow but steady old timer.
  4. I imagine they would start by explaining that a large number of those loses occurred decades before he was here? Cuz it seems like that would be a pretty simple and obvious retort.
  5. the Dude was singing the theme song to this show post drug dream in big lebowski
  6. the city in general. Let's nor pretend that racism is just a sports thing.
  7. wow, it must be exhausting to be this hateful. I don't think you actually hate calgary that much. I think its misplaced frustration from whatever wrong turns you've made in life. Focus on making your life better and you wont get caught up in this anger fueled bull$&!#.
  8. I guess I just don't think that sports are anything to get worked over, especially to the extent that you would trash people just for being fans of a team. That's taking it way too seriously.
  9. does punching down on your perceived lessers make you feel any better personally?
  10. I don't think there are differences between any team's fan bases. Sure there are toxic fans, but they are on every team. And if you spend time talking about another team's fans are you really any different than them?
  11. not a surprise given the regular flood of toxic bull$&!# I have seen on this and other sports forums. Or fandoms in general. Everyone ought to listen to bryzgalov's quote on repeat.
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