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  1. Its also about fear. This kid wasn't making a calculated decision based on weighing all the outcomes. He was most likely freaked the &^@# out. Anyone who has to ask how that can happen just doesn't understand human nature. Even without the leverage of an NHL career, some humans are able to manipulate other humans one way or another. They type of person who asks how it happens usually assumes they if they were in a similar situation they would power their way through it. But they are all suffering from protagonist syndrome. None of you know how you would react unless something like that has happened. And a lot of the people who think they wouldn't be susceptible could be in for a rude awakening someday. Just because you make the NHL doesn't mean you have a mind of steel. They are humans just like everyone else. They just happen to be really good at hockey.
  2. is this what auditions for the new scapegoat look like?
  3. once again people complaining about cancel culture are a small group of people overreacting to a tiny group of people. There isn't actually much of a backlash. Stop buying into social media bull$&!#.
  4. If you managed that you have 4 billion, and 396 billion to go
  5. there's just the small matter of the 400 billion dollars, but otherwise ya
  6. its easy to sound like utopia on paper. Just look at the ads for any new condo development. Each is an urban paradise. Anyways, this guys has done the hard part - thinking up an idea. Now he just needs the money and land.
  7. Are obese people simply *unaware* of the health risks of being obese? Or is it more that their obesity is a result of an impulse that isn't actually that simple to get under control. Not to mention the hostile reaction that has typically been directed at anti obesity campaigns in the past. In fact, the main cohort of anti vax people right now pretty much distrust everything the government says as a rule. I don't see a rural kentuckian losing weight because the government asked them to. By the same token... lets just pretend that vitamins actually did something for a second. How much effect would a government "take your vitamins" campaign have? Not that much really. What could they do besides advertise. From a logistical standpoint a vaccine is a much better solution. a limited number of doses. You have it or you don't.
  8. the parts of him that make him a conspiracy theorist have always been there, as has the pressures of being an NHL goaltender. And the issues he brought up were not new either. What played out in front of us was him speaking publicly about it on twitter. Haven't seen him falter in net since the tweets as it only happened yesterday.
  9. He's an NHL goalie, and got there with the same brain he has now.
  10. I'm no expert on bipolar, but I did live with a bipolar person for 3 years. I know what her relationship was like with reality during a manic episode. And I know that her status as a bipolar person meant that people routinely dismiss their legitimate claims. Personally I see no reason to discount his story. Like any claims they ought to be verified of course.
  11. The haters are out in force every year no matter how good the team is. They were there at our peak in the sedin era. Its just part of human nature. Some people want to complain and criticise, and that's just who they are.
  12. only the top minds of the internet know the truth about what's going on
  13. A fire hydrant might not be the worst of linemates. I guarantee you that Gretzky could get more goals with a hydrant than he could with me.
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