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  1. I agree that its an edited video
  2. Played once in a weekly scrimmage attended by people in my profession. Got a shot on net. Checked a guy into the boards. Was open a lot.... But my career was cut short by the fact that hockey turns out to be pretty tiring.
  3. Apparently it means people who don't make emotional youtube videos about hockey. Because the sign of a 'true fan' is how upset they can get.
  4. making predictions is one thing. Having emotional reactions to predictions is another. So is taking them to seriously. To take another example, why should anyone give a $&!# about an article about who won or lost the draft day on the day of the draft? If anything, they might want to talk about who won the 2016 draft. But that would be too boring for us. We want reactionary takes on things we don't know anything about.
  5. once again a thread full of people who want to emotionally react before they even know what the result will be
  6. You don't give a $%^& about his management either. Because it gives you what you *really* want which is someone to yell at.
  7. Who's the boss? Is it angela? the advertising exec who employs Tony as her housekeeper? Or is it Tony? A housekeeper, but he's male.
  8. ya right. Vancouver fans are only supportive with massive overachievers. They are always looking for someone to $&!# on. That's why half of em watch.
  9. make less money, *and* get $&!# on that much more because you are from here. Sounds great.
  10. butters

    Among Us

    what stops everyone from staying in one big loosely knit group? There's no time limit on the tasks.
  11. post celebration I'd rather listen to the ambiance than anything these announcers have to say.