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Reunite Ham and Juice thread.

Gustavo Fring

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Anyone miss this D pairing?

The time is now to reunite them, Garrisons been a beast defensively lately just check his +/-

He could cover Edler's mistake and hes used to playing on the right side now...

Soo I think the best shutdown line from 10/11 should reunite, especially come playoff time.

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I think it was prudent for AV to put Hamhius and Garrison together. Garrison has had a chance to play with different partner sthis year and will be better prepared in the event of injuries/changes.

Who knows if AV intends to keep Hamhius and Bieksa on different pairings? I think that getting Garrison and Hamhius accustomed to each other was a very good option, particularly if facing a team that is loaded up on their top line - putting those two together in that kind of matchup makes good shutdown sense.

I think Tanev's health may be a big factor in who plays with Edler although it's a bit surprising that in his absence Garrison and Hamhius have remained together.

I'd kinda like to see a KB2 / KB squared pairing and roll the pairings...

Hamhius Garrison

Edler Tanev

Ballard Bieksa

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I would like to see Hamhuis and Bieksa back together, but Hamhuis + Garrison have been a very effective pairing and extremely solid defensively. Although dropping Garrison back on the right side with Edler would probably have better overall balance, I think we have to leave the Hamhuis - Garrison pair. Even if Edler - Bieksa is a little scary.

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Garrison has played great with hamhuis.

Edler and tanev can be great defensive players at their top.

B-B Bieska has played worse than Edler, so Bieska can get back to old juice.

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