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Jim Vandermeer


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Does anyone know that status of Jim Vandermeer? Is he a black ace? Are the Canucks bringing him in for the playoffs?

Having Vandermeer onboard seems like a sound decision considering how much of a deterrent he can be, and considering how a few core players, like Bieksa, proposed the idea of signing him.

I have looked high and low and have heard nothing.

End communication

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He'll be recalled with the rest of them. The reason Joslin was recalled first was because Joslin was on loan to Worcester, and they got eliminated before the Wolves - management didn't want to interfere with the Wolves' playoff run. Corrado was recalled because we needed a right-hander.

Who I suspect we'll see join the team: Schroeder, Vandermeer, Jensen, Sweatt, and Gordon. Outside chance we'll see Sauve/Polasek, if only because our d-core has taken some hits.

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