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The Sedins era is Coming to an end


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They have already peaked 2 years ago. They are actually free-falling. Once the Canucks are bounced out in this SJ series in 4 maybe 5 games, I think management should prepare for life without them, also AV. Time to pass on the baton to Kesler and maybe re-tool with new young guys they could get for the Sedins trade.

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It has been a fun ride. I have been a Canuck fan since I was 11 years old. Now, after 36 years , I am ready to move on. Thirty six years. Can you imagine? I hope you younger kids stay canuck fans as long as I have and enjoy the team regardless of whether they suck or not. Having a hockey team in a Canadian city is a huge honour , and we are blessed to have it.

We are also blessed to have this site. Although not perfect, I has certainly come a long way since I first arrived in 2007. Back in those days people were still yelling and screaming obscenities at each other and the mods would choose to ignore it for their buddies and call others out on it.

Now it is far more objective. Stealth nuck and his team have done a marvelous job as they have matured.

However, being a hockey fan really is a teenager or 20 something year olds kind of thing, and I believe I held out this long because the Canucks had never won the cup before. They still havent, but it would not mean anywhere near as much to me as it did back in 1994 .The 82 cup run was our first and was thrilling, but we had no actual chance to win the cup. The Canucks have had three games to win the stanley cup.

Once in that june day in New york , once in Boston, and once right in Rogers Arena. One win we would never get.

The 2011 team should have won and when they fell apart, I didnt feel as bad as I thought I would. I felt bad for all the kids who I knew were going to replay that series for the next 20 years in their heads as it was the first time they had seen the Canucks on the verge of winning the cup. I had my replay of game 7 at Madison Square Garden 17 years prior , which will always haunt me.

If and when the team does finally win the cup, and it does not look like this core group will, I will be so proud of the city . But it will not be my victory. It will be for the city of Vancouver, all its fans, but most of all, for the professional athletes who play the game.

Hockey is Canada's game. I believe it always will be. I toast the next generation of fans who feel its very important to track how the hockey team is doing. Make believing we are on the team, best buddies with the players, and scoring the goal to win the cup. I will never forget those dreams.

My hope is that this new generation's dreams come true.

Signing off. An honest and loyal Canuck fan.

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