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With all due respect, we won against a Chicago team in 7 games en route to the finals that had the same kind of lopsided pp's for them. I won't blame the refs because even were they more even this team would have gone out in 5 or 6. Attributed to the line up Gillis iced, Av's coaching decisions and the teams lack of caring.

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I understand your point (and agree!) that we have to be able to find a way to win no matter what, but I you're wrong about the Chicago series being as lopsided as the SJ series was. It wasn't.

I know we all remember the reffing in some of the 2011 Chicago series being bad (and likely remember Gillis getting fined for speaking out about it) because it was bad at times but it was no where near as bad as the SJ series this year.

In the Chicago series most games had a normal spread of penalties being called. In fact, while we never received fewer penalties than Chicago, only in 2 games did the disparity in calls go above 2 while in another 2 games the calls were exactly equal. Game 3 was the worst with a penalty disparity of 5. (But, to backup your assertion that we should be able to win anyway, we actually won that game. In regulation.)

Chicago Series - Penalties by game:

Game 1: Chicago - 3 | Vancouver - 4

Game 2: Chicago - 2 | Vancouver - 2

Game 3: Chicago - 2 | Vancouver - 7

Game 4: Chicago - 9 | Vancouver - 13

Game 5: Chicago - 6 | Vancouver - 7

Game 6: Chicago - 3 | Vancouver - 5

Game 7: Chicago - 2 | Vancouver - 2

TOTAL (Penalties)

Chicago - 27 (per game average: 3.86)

Vancouver - 40 (per game average: 5.71)

Difference: Over the series, Vancouver received 13 more penalties than Chicago, averaging 1.85 more per game.

Power Play Opportunities

Chicago - 29 (per game average: 4.14)

Vancouver - 18 (per game average: 2.57)

Average per game difference: 1.57

Compare that to this year. The disparity in calls in every game was at least 2, and twice it was even higher. The worst was game 3, which had a penalty disparity of 7.

SJ Series - Penalties by game:

Game 1: SJ - 3 | Vancouver - 5

Game 2: SJ - 3 | Vancouver - 5

Game 3: SJ - 4 | Vancouver - 11

Game 4: SJ - 3 | Vancouver - 6 (NOT including game misconduct.)


SJ - 13 (per game average: 3.25)

Vancouver - 27 (per game average: 6.75)

(NOTE: That doesn't include the game misconduct we received after game 4 since it didn't effect anything.)

Difference: Vancouver received 14 more penalties than SJ, averaging 3.5 more per game.

Power Play Opportunities

SJ - 24 (per game average: 6)

Vancouver - 10 (per game average: 2.5)

Average per game difference: 3.5

So, you can see that the disparity was more spread out in the SJ series than in the Chicago series. Additionally, we see that SJ got an average of 1.86 more PPO per game than Chicago did, while we got around the same per game as we had against Chicago. As a result, the average per game disparity was actually double in the SJ series as it had been in the Chicago series.

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Cannot argue those numbers, but I will say that the difference is everyone got up for that Chicago series where against San Jose this year...nobody cared. One cannot demand heart only line changes. AV got outcoached by Mclellan and only Kesler and Luongo showed up. It is what it is.

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I agree there was a lack of effort, but how exactly does it account for the entirety of such an extreme disparity? How did our team's effort level turn multiple legal plays into penalties against us? How did it result in SJ being rewarded for obvious diving? How did it result in refs turning a blind eye to penalties they should have called against SJ or making (even according to the commentators) every 50-50 call go against Vancouver? How did it make refs "not see" a SJ player gloving the puck out of the net to illegally rob us of a good goal?

There was a definite lack of effort by our team, but it's only fair to note that there was a complete lack of effort on the part of the refs to be fair and unbiased too.

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read my sig guys. Most lop sided officating in recent history. Nothing is going to change next year. Our opponent will have at least a chunk of the powerplays again regardless of who we play. I'm not sure why, maybe the refs hate us too. Saying it as it is. Not afraid of saying it. I never once questioned the refs the past 4 seasons, but to hand the other team 130% more powerplayls on average 6 powerplays per game, is really handing the other team a free ticket to round 2.

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:picard::picard::picard: Really? Has no one seen the absolutely inhuman fitness of the Kings the last few years. If the NHL sacked up and started drug testing their players LA would never have won a playoff round let alone a stanley cup and now a birth into the conference final again.

Look at players like Brown, Richards, Penner and Quick. With such a struggling season two years in a row, how does a professional athlete just "all of a sudden turn on the gas" and perform at such exceeding levels. The Kings are a disgrace to hockey. Sutter is a disgrace to coaches around the league and the NHL should be embarrassed that they are allowing this kind of hockey to win championships.

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The Kings beat my Sharks and that is a fact. It was close but the better team won on home ice. I will not even entertain that they are somehow on PEDs. The refs are inconsistant at times but if you are being outplayed it is also far more likley you will be in the box. The refs are human and make mistakes. That is not to say we as fans should not demand better though. Long ago I stopped blaming puck luck, injuries or refs for my teams postseason exits. It was a fun but short season and the window for many of our top players is closing. I will be back for more next season.

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The Sharks played the way they had to, to win in the playoffs. They elevated their game to meet the challenge and we floated our way to a 4 game sweep and blamed the entire thing on coaching rather than the fact that our best players once again didn't show up, we had no proper 3rd line centre, we had an abundance of top-9 forwards yet a complete lack of impactful role players, and a 4th line that played about 4 minutes per game.

As a Canuck fan I am absolutely terrified what the continued presence of Mike Gillis is going to do to out club.

The Canucks have become a country club hockey team and will continue to play as such until we get a GM that can pull the trigger rather than continuously pass the buck onto everyone else but himself. As far as I'm concerned our biggest problem right now is that we have 9 players with some form of no trade clause. (Daniel, Henrik, Burrows, Kesler, Edler, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Garrison, Luongo) yet we've lost: Salo, Torres, Ehrhoff, Samuelsson, Hodgson, and solid grinders in Glass, Volpatti, Bitz and from the sounds of it Lapierre in favour of sub-par players like David Booth, Marco Sturm, Andrew Ebbett, and Tom Sestito for little to no reason since the money we're paying our currents players is more than any of those players are making now.

The fact isuccess isn't based on potential, it's based on results and this team has not had any worthwhile results since 2010-2011 in large parts to Gillis continuously throwing away our talent or letting them walk in favour of vastly inferior players.

While I agree we needed a coaching change, I can't help but view this year as a result of Gillis' (many) failures to move one of our goaltender's and sort out and fill the many whole's we have in our lineup. If the Canucks are hitting the re-set button it shouldn't have just started with the coach, it should have started with the GM.

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the refs weren't the deciding factor in our series. if we had an advantage on PP's the best we could have done is won game 2 and lost in 5. it was not the least bit close. we didn't know how to break out of our own end. failed to get into the low slot or get shots through from the point. didn't play 60 mins. in any of the 4 games.

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